Annual Report 2015

Screenshot at 2015-12-30 04:59:12


Such many numbers, so much wow. Very nice of the WordPress guys to give me a nicely made annual report to share with my readers, ain’t it? I mean Blogspot delivered even more figures I guess but I had to dive into them myself while WordPress does it all for me. I guess when you clicker the above linkage you’ll get to the report itself but here I snapped some screenshots for you guys, so you don’t even need to do that.

Nice of them to tell me I didn’t do too badly considering it was only my first year on WordPress. Huh? It wasn’t even a full year, since I only switched over in March. Those fucks. I’d say I did an outstanding job! So.

I often mostly post multiple times a day, my record being 8 posts, and yesterday wasn’t bad neither with 7. And they dare telling me I did well? What do they expect? Me sitting here all day, publishing every 10 minutes, or what? Sorry, had to go to the convenience store today, which did really cut into my productivity time. 😮


I have no idea what they mean with Posting Patterns. I have a blog, I use it like almost daily. That’s my pattern.
Wot? 2 fairly lame and non-SL posts about Linux among the most read stuff? Ya, ok, it’s not like you had much of a choice there. Hehe 😉 More about Linuxy things in my next post …
Have to concentrarte my publicity efforts on the Arctic, Madagascar, China and North Korea it seems.
Ya, of course nothing new here. You know who you are, I know it too. Thanks for reading, getting excited, having multiple Hooasms and commenting so much, girls. Particularly ZZ,  who is a professional stalker. 🙂 I’m happy to be in her circle of blogs.

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