2016: The Year of the Second American Revolution?

Avanti Popolo!

Hm, hopefully the usual suspects have overdone it now. Lies and bullshit will only get you so far, US ISPs, until people notice. And what they notice is lack of delivery of promised – and already paid for – internet infrastructure and data. And hopefully the FCC will finally wake up and listen to the people. And put a hefty fine on kumcast, Veryzone and AT-AT.

Internet might not be a human right yet but fair is fair; and why the USA, of all countries, has one of the world’s worst infrastructures and highest prices is like totally unaccepetable bullshit!

Ya, we all know and have heard it too often: The USA is gigantic and 99% rural backwaters, building a sound infrastructure, laying cable to one farmhouse 100 miles off the next village doesn’t make economic sense. But that’s what an ISP has to calculate for. They easily make good for the loss in the cities, by connecting hundreds of customers in one single skyscraper. That’s like a license to print your own money. And, as already mentioned, the big ISPs received bilions of taxpayers money to pay for the infrastructure … already years ago.

And now, after shitting on you since years, they add insult to injury and put silly datacaps and restrictions on you? Are they like fukn krayzee?

So, the world is counting on you, American comrades and fellow consumers: It’s finally time to stand up and put your feet on the ground. Let them fuckers know they went too far, tell ’em how you really feel and that you won’t fall for their stories no more! Try a bit of solidarity, try a bit of socialism, or at least demand some simple democracy ffs!!! And if they won’t listen found your own community driven ISPs, or ask your city hall to found their own municipality ISP or at least negotiate better deals with the ISPs, found collectives and syndicates, ffs do something! It is doable. Not a huge problem. To put some glassfibre in the ground is much cheaper than the old DSL copper lines ever were. And they won’t rust or rot away neither.






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