And Now It’s Over and Done With!

After all the hype around Star Wars during the last few months and weeks and after having watched the flick twice already, I decided to give it a rest. Officially.

Star Wars, I’m done with you! It’s Over and Out between us.

Without Vader’s legendary sense of humour it just wasn’t the same anymore.




And the intelligence level of the fans sank to unbearable lows as well.




Well, until the next Episode that is, when we find new heroes … and forget about the old ones …



Too many questions remained unanswered after Episode 7 …



And while we don’t have the faintest idea what the future holds in store for our youngling heroine …

episode 8


… or if she must say goodbye to her hand …

Hand Off


… we know kinda exactly how to put all them troopers to good use:



Kylo Ren Is Everything That Anakin Skywalker Should Have Been

What? That spoiled little emo brat?


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