A Question if I May


WordPress shows me this notice below each and every post. I have no clue what you see there, any stupid, nervewrecking ads or nothing, don’t even have any clue how it might look on your screen. Is it sometimes, intermittent or permanantly occuring with each blogpost?

Screenshot at 2015-12-10 09:01:04


Please let me know and, even better, send me photos of the stuff. Maybe it’ll help me making up my mind about becoming a premium member with WordPress. You know I’d have much more options in layout and modification of blog themes plus getting rid of the advertising shit.

So please lemme know how those ads are influencing the blog on your end.

Merci beaucoup



  1. That’s cool, Lucy, but maybe you don’t get pestered by ads because you’re a co-blogger. But then you’re even more lucky than me because you don’t even get spammed by the “Ocasionally, some of your … blah blah …” message.


  2. I see the ads, and like the inane Second Life ads, are always targeted specifically to me and always for services I already have, usually upselling. Today’s is from the cable company. If I knew how to grab the image, I would; the link takes you to hell. Don’t click it!



    • Good god, Luna, this ain’t just the normal hell, this is xmas hell!!! I was kinda prepared for the worstest when I clickered your link and had to convince my trusted adblocker to give me – strictly temporary – access to that site. The horror. The horror.


  3. Yep i see adverts as well.
    But i use start page as my default webpage, not google,
    and start page is pretty good at not letting google target you.
    In fact it claims to be the most secure page but i have no idea if thats true
    However, I like it;)) so FU Google.


    • Yeah Sammie, startpage is amazing. But I was only asking about ads in my blog and if my readers can see them or not and if they are very disturbing. Has nothing to do with Startpage.
      BTW, my personal startpage is a weird litle blog called Thar She Blows! 🙂


  4. Oh the point was of course, to say the ads don’t target me in any way.
    one is for avocados, one is for 10 diseases I don’t want, one is for some architect thing, about which i have no clue…Happy Christmas and all that JAZZ…:))


    • Ya, you’re obviously not being targetted elser you’d see an ad about 10 diseases you do want! And avocados are da bomb, me could have avos all day every day. The Architect … hm, I just tested and wrote about an Arch Linux installer by the name of Architect. Dunno if that has anything to do with it tho …


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