Ørca’s Øpinion … ***3rd + 4th + 5th UPDATE***

… about Linux Mint 17.3, codename ‘Rosa’.

Yeah, with the usual 2 months of lag finally Clem and his boys managed to publish the latest version of the absolute  #1 Linux OS, Mint’s own spin of Ubuntu 15.10.  And this is how codename Rosa looks like freshly installed:


Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-12-05 18:36:04



Isn’t it boring? Mhm, me nods. Boring and bland and … grey. Ya, if you’re all up for styling and flashy  environments you’ve come to the wrong address when you visited Mint’s download link. But as you know such things are below us real Linux connoiseurs, as we know we can easily add all the bling we ever wanted with just a couple mouseclicks. It’s just the base installation that greets us with this refreshing battleship grey look. But on with this “review” now:

I installed the new Mint with their main – and homegrown – Cinnamon desktop directly onto my test machine; no dual booting, no virtual machine, this is the real deal. As always the installation went quick and without any problems, meaning as long as you’re not trying too hard to break it with some unreasonable hardware demands, like 30 y/o needle printers n stuff, Mint should install quite happily and give you good, stable rock solid service thoughout its lifespan. The 17.3 is a LTS (Long Term Support) version btw and will be supported until 2019. And if you ask how a .10 version can be a LTS, it’s because the lazy Mint guys love to confuse us. It’s not really a 15.10 but still based on the ooooold 14.04 which was the last original Ubuntu LTS version. The next real LTS version will be Ubuntu 16.04, Mint 18.1 respectively. Capisce? Ya, me neither but it is like it is … and it’s all good. /me slowly hugs Mint and pets its shoulder, “There, there, little one, it’s okayyy”.


#1 TOP HIT in the Distrowatch charts of Linux Top Hits!


So far we established Mint is a) boring and b) behind the times, so why is it still such a prominent distro? Hmmm, maybe just because of those attributes. You know many Linux users aren’t sexy SL stunt avies but do indeeed use their systems for werk and studdy and numbercrunching and doing science n uarrrgs stuffz. They aren’t looking for cool and flashy, they are looking for rock solid stability. And, as I already mentioned, if you wanna flash your desktop out there’s nothing stopping you from doing so either.

Don’t get me wrong now, even if this sounds all a bit negative and nitpicking and like I don’t give  a fuck and would never recommend such a borer to you guys, I still love my Minty. Particularly with my fave DE MATE it’s one of my absolute most beloved distros ever! It’s just that I clued up a little and went on, so our ways parted a long time ago. Only to merge again, when my absolute hipster distro Manjaro flipped me off and became too much of a high maintenance whore bitch diva, I was savely back on Mint after not even 5 minutes. That’s why I always (ALFUCKINGWAYS!) have a USB stick with a loaded version of Mint lieing about below my main computer screen. It’s the yellow one, so I can find it fast and easily … even in the dark. And every time I install it on some  computer it’s like homecoming, so fuzzy and warm and familiar and soft and all the positive feels. 😉


Yeah, even with restricted visibility the good ole Mintstick is easy to find. It’s the yellow one!!! Jeez, I need a new digicam, don’t I?


If you look at the Distrowatch.com hitlist above you’ll notice that even the old warhorse Debian ranks above the most famous Ubuntu. Mhm, ya that’s right motherlover, yeah yeah. It’s Ubuntu’s and Mint’s estranged mother ship, the legendary distro for which the terms Rock, Solid and Stable have been invented. It’s another borer but compared to Deb (as we call it so fondly) even the grey wolf Mint is like totally flashy and hip right outta the box.

Ok now back to business. But there’s not much I can tell you, not many changes, at least nothing that jumps into your eyes after installation. It’s the reassuring business as usual that lulls us into a feeling of security and comfy plushiness. But in case of Linux Mint these feelings aren’t there to lure you into a trap but you can really feel safe and in the best hands with your Minty Goodness. The most changes to the system and desktop are subtle improvements, so nothing spectacular. As a first time user you won’t even notice anyway and me as having become blind to all subtleness won’t notice neither. Mint, like Ubuntu, is still on  the fairly very outdated Linux kernel 3.19.something, but that won’t hold us back.

Anyway, now to the conclusion and why doesn’t Orca recommend Linux Mint as the perfect n00b system anymore. It’s just that my fav new n00bfriendly OS Linux Lite (which is also based on Ubuntu) is that deciding bit more n00b friendly, more easy and has even less stuff that can break the system if handled hamfisted. The best thing about Lite is that it prays you through the first steps right after installation. Once you followed all the steps you’ll  end up with  the cleanest little OS ever and have it tuned just for you. That’s where the Mint makers leave you alone, assuming you’re clever enough. To be fair for Mint, they never claimed it’s for n00bies but just a little bit cleverer and more luxurious than momma Ubuntu, plus with a desktop humans are able to work on. And why doesn’t Orca use Linux Lite as her go-to emergency system? Because I’m too clever for that. 🙂 I’m not too fond of its pretty restrictive Xfce desktop environment but prefer my adult MATE.

»Is my little waifu playing nicely?«

And because of this single photo:

Isn’t that like a slap in the face? Is like »We don’t mind wimmin usin’ Linux Lite as long as they stay in the kitchen and we can have a controlling peek over their shoulders.«

Ya, isn’t that right, mofo?

Anyway, where was I? OMG, I’m always losing track when not under permanent supervision. 😮

Ah, yes, I guess that’s it with Linux news for today. Mint just brought out version 17.3 with the bestest desktop environments Cinnamon and MATE, and as always it’s a fukn delight. Delightful to use and delightfully stable. And clever it is too. Compared to Ubuntu the much greener Mint comes with all media codexes and non-free drivers on board, features the much nicer desktops and won’t let Amazon.com spy on you by default. And you can update to 17.3 from your existing 17.2 installation so you won’t even need to undergo the delightful hassle of a fresh install. Yeah, it’s damn near perfect if there weren’t some things I can personally not live with in the long run. But for the rest of you, once you’ve outgrown Linux Lite, Linux Mint is the way to go! Hey, Linux Mint didn’t rise up to become the Number One Top Hit for no reason! It’s an honestly earned position.

Okay, here is a nice YT widdioh about Mint 17.3 which tells you more about the distro itself instead of just rambling about all kinds of unrelated shit like that Orca bishie did:



Yeah, that’s the correct term to describe Linux Mint: Solid! Sure, it lacks a bit in the excitement department but, honestly now, it’s a friggin operating system, it’s suposed to be a rock solid stable workhorse, not to give you a hardon. So what did you expect? And even if you think it’s boring in the Linux world, compared to a sleeping pill such as Windoze it’s a colourful, exotic circus.


And here’s one more video; this time by our Orstralian friend InfintelyGalactic, who reviews Rosa in more detail and finds out all the stuff Orca was too blind to see:



Wow, was I that fast? The YouTube reviews are only just now starting to come in. Here’s Joe Collins’ report on 17.3 Rosa:



And even one more, this vid is brought to you by Chris Were, the Welsh rambler:



Now one of my favourite and most knowledegable JuuToobers, Matthew Moore, also did a vid about Mint 17.3:



Sorry for this information overload, but Linux Mint is kinda big deal in the Linux scene so every little fart they let rip causes quite some waves. And what can I say? It’s all good. Seriously, if I weren’t just a little bit too cool for the accomplished taste of the computing masses I’d be so going with Mint. It’s really that good!



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