A Public Response to Maiti

Sorry, this is hard to answer in Maiti’s blog, so in order to take the whole diatribe apart I will use my own if I may. Oh my, so many words about something of so little consequence but ok, here goes:





So once again as you can see Orca calling me out on her *coughs* Blog. Looking for attention and probably traffic. So I read the article and all the BS she also puts out how she NEVER steals content and media. And as she requested , I did answer with a rather complete answer.

But apparently it doest fit her leftist narrative, and she didn’t publish it as she said she would.

First why are you coughing about a simple word like blog? According to WordPress it is a blog pure and simple. And a rather nice one I guess, since I’m not about sowing the hate and fight and destruction like you do in yours.

Secondly I’m not a leftist but I am proper left. Leftist sounds sooo liberal … brrr, shiver. 😮

Thirdly, how didn’t I publish your comment? I cannot not publish your comment with my current settings. Fuck girl, it’s a comment section, free and open for anybody to comment there. It’s not on me to approve of anything as that wouldn’t fit my “leftist narrative”. No editing, no moderation on my part. Only thing I reserve for myself is the option of a total ban of fascist asswipes. I did that once, with Maiti, but as I wrote I took her name off the banlist. So her statement is nothing but a dirty lie, as we’re so used from her by now.

Typical scumbag move.

So I did.

The link to the original article from some Swedish Leftist is there, have a look, then come back to my comment. Then ask yourself, who has a much tighter grip on reality?

Obviously Peter Falkvinge as he’s leading a growing political party and gets some geeky prizes. Quite contrary to Maiti, the lone hater in the desert.

Put briefly, I’m glad to see you Orca, are at least covering a subject you know a little about.
In many ways, this article is completely off and reveals first, how to one side of the Issue the author is, and again actually is full of the same contradictions that one reads and hears over and over from people who are just plain thieves.
The headline shows that completely,
“Copyright Industry Still Doesn’t Understand This Fight Isn’t about Money, But Liberty”.
Basically, what the pirates and other supporters such as yourself Orca, are trying to hide behind a huge smoke and mirrors fog bank to justify theft. It’s really that simple. By bringing in many other loosely related concerns and reasons, they are trying to cover the tracks.
Many of the other concerns listed in this article are valid. This is where the trickery is well done. But sadly, for all concerned, even in this article the contradictions concerning piracy are evident.
Let’s break down the issues one by one and see how this only fairly constructed article speaks of each.
“The Internet is the most important piece of infrastructure we have. More important than telco, than cable TV, than roads, than power, than… well, with the possible exception of tap water and sanitation infrastructure, I’ll allow the jury to confer a bit more on that one.”
Seriously? I mean, is this person for real? Anybody over probably the age of 25, can remember when there was no internet. Things in most of the US and Europe were just fine. Some would say better in fact. Other places that now have it, were too. This statement obviously came from a high handed asshole that probably never wanted for anything in his life. Maybe more important than tap water and sanitation? How many of you readers have been faced with the decision, “If I drink from that water source there, the only one I can, I will likely end up with dysentery that I have already seen kill people, and will likely kill me , or I go without, and in a few days die?” I for one have. And that’s no BS. And there’s plenty of places on the planet where situations like that are a daily way of life. Yet this guy and Orca, are battling for theft of Porn and The Little Mermaid movies. Yeah, he deserves not only an award, but a medal too.

How is mentioning the fact that it’s not about money but liberty a smokescreen? That’s what it’s all about! Always was. Okay, intellectul concepts that aren’t about money and profits are nearly impossible to grasp for the corporations but that’s quite clearly their problem and theirs alone.

I have no idea how old Peter Falkvinge is but I can clearly remember a time pre-internet. And you’re correct in so far as it was indeed a better time. At least politicswise it was. We were happy in our social democracies and kept the capitalist fascists on one side and the commies on the other at bay.

Infrastructure more important than tap water and sanitation? If you’d cared enough to read correctly you’d sure have seen the “possible exception” part, which you so nonchalantly decided to ignore. But yes, this part in his article was problematically phrased, easy to misunderstand if one is evil enough and wants to misunderstand it. Let’s not forget, the author is from a basically social democratic country and therefore as pampered and spoiled as can get. In fact citizens of Scandinavian and core EU countries lived such a harmonious, well cared for life it’s far outside the imagination of any American. We had and still partly have much more rights and liberties and at the same time more social security. Our trade unions were strong once and negotiated fair wages and vacations for us, consumer watchdogs made sure we’d not getting sub par products for too high prices, our social insurancees were stable. What did my lifesaving appendix operation cost? No fukn idea. And why should I know that stuff? My parents ddin’t know either. Money was never mentioned. I was a 5 y/o German child and therefor had every right to receive the bestest possible medicinal procedure. Period. Quite contrary, I was angry at all the fukn doctors and nurses and my mom since they made me miss the bday party of a friend while I was in hospital. 😦

And he’s an expert in information technologies, not an environmental activist. So he maybe didn’t put enough bias on the importance of tap water. On the other hand he didn’t say the access to fresh water is not a human right. But I know of one American capitalist who just declared something to the contrary. So there goes your argument like *p00f*.

“We were saying, and are saying, that it’s insane, asinine, repulsive and revolting to allow a cartoon industry (the copyright industry – mostly led by Disney in this regard) to regulate the infrastructure of infrastructures. To allow a cartoon industry to dismantle anonymity, the right to private correspondence and many more fundamental liberties just because they were worried about their profits.”
Sorry, wrong again. Various companies – Disney being only one of a multitude of them, are using laws already made by local people and governments. They don’t write the laws, they abide by them. And the laws are there for a reason. To stop and punish the theft of wares.

Sorry. wrong. The laws were not already there, at least not in their current shape, they were planted under pressure from lobbyists. The original copyright isn’t even as half as complicated as it is nowadays. And as you can see there are still enough unbribed, independent judges who still don’t believe in the bullshit but are more concerned about the big picture, which is privacy rights. And that – I can’t stretch this point enough – is a thousand times more important than petty copyright laws! So they copyright guys are making use of basically undemocratic tools to go after the pirates. And that is a much much worse crime than the actual piracy, which cost the industry next to nothing. The fact that a pirate can’t get the new Star Wars movie from The Pirate Bay doesn’t necessarily make them watch it in the cinema or buy a DVD. Neither does it make TPB an illegal operation as it is nothing but a database for torrents to share data. Juries and judges have decided in favor of TPB again and again and sent those corporate lawyers home.

People seem to think that digital wares are somehow different than solid ones. But employing the same arguments that these pirates use, then it would be ok to walk into a store and take a plate off the shelf. Why? Because the plates suck, and a person taking one without paying or asking for a sample, MIGHT sell the rest of the plates for the shop owner. Kind of bad really, not very likely, but perhaps a sliver of possibility.
But what happens when millions of people decide to descend on your shop with the same idea? Or worse yet, a third party (pirate bay) decides to set up a web site to the world to take your plates and distribute them, all without your permission and no regard for your store, or even the people making the plates? Is that really their right or is it a criminal enterprise? To anyone with the least bit of morals at all, it’s just plain wrong. But to a lot of criminals and leftists who believe in wealth distribution, well…. everything is OK! “Why they (The plate store, the makers, the shippers, the right holders) are bound to make something”, and as far as the leftists are concerned, “something for you is enough!” At least until the cannon is turned on them.

Then it’s not FAIR! Its Cruel minded! The SYSTEM is set against THEM!

Sorry again but that was probably the worstest analogy I ever heard. So knotted and back n forth I wasn’t able to follow your twisted logic. Of course digital wares are different from solid ones. Digital wares are made to be copied, solid ones are not.

So what did the store owners do? They called the police, they prosecuted. But with all organized crime, for a long time the criminals were always several steps ahead. But the store owners and the police in this analogy did catch up. They did learn. And where they found unjust laws or missing laws to prevent the theft of their plates, they pushed for changes. Some they got, some they didn’t. Sound familiar?

Yes, as I just explained, if the greedy bullies can’t shake you down they just invent new laws and policies on the go. That’s so pathetic, petty and vengeful, it’s hard to believe anyone is taking these clowns serious.

All this talk about loss of anonymity and fundamental liberties is generally BS and what is real, came about because of these same pirates, and of course criminal enterprises! And the author knows it.

God, I hope he doesn’t know it since your dismissal of anonymity and fundamental liberties is the real general BS here. Does it never come to your attention that you’re basically fighting your own American values now, have you forgotten why you came to the States? I can understand if you’re pissed of and majorly disappointed by the reality you found but that’s no reason to jump on the bandwagon, desperately trying to fit in.

“How will the authors get paid?” is an utterly uninteresting question in a market economy. The answer is equally utterly simple: “by making a sale”. There is no other way, and there should not be any other way.”
But how is one to sell their plates when there is a huge army of assholes outside your store handing out your own product that’s been stolen, for free?
And it’s not up to 3rd party assholes to determine how much is enough or if their distribution service is not too damaging to your business.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Simple as that.

We all know by now that the reality is a good deal more complicated than your overly simplicistic and radical approach allows. Maiti, we have the tools; they were made and sold to us by the same industry that holds the copyright (i.e. Sony) and therefore plays both camps and lost all credibility as a righteous warrior for law and order.

I guess the content industry have lost the struggle already, they are just too daft to see it. Why shouldn’t the movie and music industry go the way so many other industries went before them already? Print media? Dead. Video? More than dead! Radio? Dieing. TV? God no, only total riff raff still watches TV. Fossil fuel industry? On its way out. They will have to find other ways to make a living, pure and simple. Musicians adjusted rather well to the new economy: They are making their money on the road by touring and playing live gigs while selling CDs as a side project, if they don’t just give away their stuff as free MP3s (which is perfect publicity btw.).

As for things like Pandora and Spotify, well there you go. Innovation and new thinking. Perfect capitalism in action. Free market in full swing. People pay for what they take and the companies pay the rights holders and there by the makers for the wares. Spot on. And should the rights owners and or makers don’t like the terms offered? Then they can pull their wares a la Thom Yorke and Taylor Swift, and go another direction.

Yes yes yes, that’s the way. Pandora and Spotify are on the right way now that radio and TV are fortunately going extinct.

But how can someone or people compare Pandora’s and Spotify’s legal models with that of the totally illegal sites and criminal elements such as Pirate bay? You can’t! It’s just not even remotely the same thing. Yet this fellow, mentions them to frame Pirate bay and others, as not so bad. In fact he goes on to make them our heroes!

See, here you stumble again over your own overly simple and primitive radical views: TPB isn’t illegal, it’s a very very democratic model to exchange data. What’s wrong with that? Legally nothing. But it isn’t legal to control what kind of data people share and where and how they’ve obtained it. That would be messing with privacy and civil rights much more valuable than some copyright stuff! Inacceptable.

“Pirates started fighting with the copyright industry, against the internet service providers, in the halls of policymaking. More specifically, pirates were siding with Microsoft against lots of old telco dinosaurs. Even more specifically, people were fighting for Net Neutrality – something that Microsoft was also fighting for, as the owner of Skype – against the mobile divisions of telco dinosaurs, who wanted to lock out competitors from their imaginary walled garden.”

Of course they did, as did law abiding people worldwide. The fight for Net Neutrality was a solid item, anyone knows it. The assholes like Comcast and a few of the others, backing the idea of making people pay for higher level service and throttling back those who didn’t pony up the coin, needed to be slapped back. And hard!
And they were…. For now. But please, don’t go looking for accolades and cheering because you did the right thing. It’s expected. It’s like divorced fathers yelling out “I take care of my kids!!” No kidding, you are supposed to as a decent human being, asshole.

You seem to forget he’s the chef of the Swedish Pirate Party, a career politician first and foremost, a political activist … and only then a pirate, if he actively piratises is questionable. It’s people like Peter Falkvinge who made the fight for net neutrality possible by bringing it to the public realm.

And you seem to confuse what Comcast and other IPs did: you and I, as consumers, we clearly need to pay more for more speed. That’s logical and nothing wrong with it. My Ferrari cost more than my neighbors shoddy 50 y/o Volkswagen Beetle.

But what they are trying to do is a shakedown of content creators like i.e. Spotify or Netflix. Pay ridiculous fees or get slowed down. The spoiled consumers won’t deal with slow af service so the poorer content service will slowly lose their basis and go belly up sooner or later. And that is the dangerous thing as the big IPs have control over which of their clients will survive and strive and which they are feeding to the crocodiles. Dangerous, very dangerous.

“We care for permission less innovation, we care for private correspondence, we care for sharing and the legacy of knowledge and culture. We do not care in the slightest for obsolete and outdated pre-internet distribution monopolies, nor do we care for pipes that want to be privileged, and we become outright hostile when the industries that benefit from old monopolies (not stakeholders, but beneficiaries!) assert a right to dismantle the liberties that our ancestors fought, bled, and died to give to us today.”

As Bugs Bunny used to say: ”What a maroon”
Private correspondence as he has been referring to it means “We want to privately exchange stolen goods.”

It could mean just that, yes. But, honest now, who the fuck are you, what gives you the right to assume that people  concerned with privacy are thieves? And sorry, I wil have to say it again: that primitive, paranoid and mistrusting mindset is what makes the perfect soil for growing fascism.

Things like the NSA could care less about people like Orca sending cute kitty pics. In fact they don’t care about much, except if you keep sending messages like “the Jihad payback starts in an hour, I have the IEDs ready”!

That’s cute. But omg soo wrong already in the inception. How – in your whacky example – is the NSA to know if I’m sending a kitty pic or the organisational plans for bombing Washington D.C.? And hey, newsflash, I’m not even a citizen of the US so they have absolutely no business knowing shit about me. It’s bad enough what they are doing at home, everything they are doing outside of US territory is a hostile act and should be regarded as such.

All this was never what 99% of the argument was about. It was about closing down sites providing stolen wares and punishing the very worse of offenders taking these wares. It’s a time honored tradition everywhere, that’s how people come to understand law enforcement. One look at medieval stocks and pillories show this in practice hundreds of years ago.
“We do not care in the slightest for obsolete and outdated pre-internet distribution monopolies” means so we feel justified to steal wildly and blindly from them, like looters who think when the police are busy elsewhere, they can smash in the window of the liquor store and take as much as they can carry.
Further, who the fuck is anyone to make that sort of judgment? It’s like saying “You can sell plates on the internet so we demand you shut your brick and mortar store, and while you do that, we’ll piss on it and take what we can carry”
“assert a right to dismantle the liberties that our ancestors fought, bled, and died to give to us today.” And I promise all of you out there, in all sincerity, that not one of your ancestors had even a thought on your rights to steal The Little Mermaid or Teenage Hookers in Heat movies.

And again you come up with the stupid solid goods analogy. It’s not comparable, not in the slightest. But ok, let’s for argument’s sake say they found a site that actively stores and distributes illegal copies, then yes, by all means, take the fuckers down! But that’s not how it works. File sharing per torrent is a peer to peer thing and sites like TPB are mere contact services. They can’t be illegal, because forbidding and blocking them would indeed fuck with civil rights. And those are a million times more important to uphold than just some corporate stuff. People first; shareholders, stakeholders, CEOs, corporations, millionaires and similar vermin need to take a step back. 😉

The amusing, and sad aspect of this guy from Sweden, is that he doesn’t seem to be all that concerned with the Syrian invasion of his country and what’s about to happen to the infrastructure of the entire EU. He’s concerned about uploading a stolen copy of Star Wars when it comes out next month, filmed by a poorly paid Chinese kid with a super 8 camera and dubbed into English.

And before you go trying to argue that point, look at this in its entirety.

As already stated that guy from Sweden is from a political party that specialises in information technologies and his article was for a internet website with the same topic. So why should he write about social politics insetad of staying in his own field of expertise? But I can assure you he will surely have a something to say about the Syrian refugee crisis as well, I just doubt you’d like his POV very much.

Then, tell me how many women and kids you saw there.
All military age males, already behaving in pack like, lawless behavior.
I actually feel sorry for the EU as a whole.
They were betrayed by the same leftists that think stealing from companies is OK!


  1. well congrats orci, you got my panties in a bunch 🙂
    for folks like malti, to be clear on the above statement your suppose to giggle there and not take it as an actual angry attack.

    In the world i live in governed by atoms and not electrons i actually work for a plumbing company and my heart due to health issues and cancer has rotted away to the point i ‘ll soon get one of those fun cyber hearts ( and a big part of me is geeking out and wondering if i can blue tooth connect to them) any way to the point

    Yeah Plumbing especally in the realms of waste removal/treatment/relocation might be one of the greatest human inventions to improve and increase life.

    and obviously if you understand basic English orca was saying the internet wasn’t actually more important then that. but a very close second.

    and here is the cyber heart part. I actually feel the internet is More important.

    to give me the best possible care with medications and treatments my doctor constantly uses the google. sure books would be fine but even these days things like my sort of health issues are constantly being improved, to best treat me the most current and up to date information is a must.

    hell i have to thank her and her google fu in reducing my pills bill from 600$ a month to 12$

    is plumbing now unimportant? hell no. but we have google to tell the politicians why stopping funding on waste treatment plants is a bad bad thing.

    is the internets really that much better then plumbing? for most folks prolly not. But unrestricted information trade on the net can possibly help in the creation of the next big thing, some thing better.

    this is where Disney scares me, and those other companies too. because the goals they are striving for to prevent me from stealing little mermaid videos can also prevent my doctor from looking up the best drugs to help me live longer.

    this is why a line has been drawn in the electron sand. this is why many folks strive to keep all information freely available on line. information saves lives information stops us from doing dumb things like defunding waste treatment. its not really about the little mermaid and the Bananarama album but those are part of the whole mess.

    for some god awful reason i stared at this post and malti’s website for an hour, i felt the strong need to post something and my post is ultimately entirely pointless. i’m all dazed and confused, i dont understand why malti’s sailing blog is 1/3 bitching about orca and twisting facts to fit some strange agenda. not taking sides on this but can read her posts and see her change words and twist whats been said. why do this if your gonna show the original text that contradicts ya?

    i’m done i’m confused, i’m gonna watch Little mermaid and caress my shower. thank you for putting up with me

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thx for the heartwarming comment, Moonie. Ya, I feel your confuzzlement as I’ve been thru it as well. In fact every time I read anything by Maiti I feel slightly dizzy coz my head’s spinning. She presents her freshly made up facts in such a quick, everchanging succession it’s hard to keep track. Most worrysome is always when you learn stuff about yourself and what you did, you never knew. How fortunate we have a Maiti to tell us. And also how to define our actions because I never was thinking about why I did stuff. Thanks to Maiti’s wisdom I know now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Miata is Miata, she won’t change, she can’t,
    She only likes to distort facts twist them around with glaring omissions and detail. and then present them, NOT as her point of view BUT as FACTS..

    so there ya go…
    but its fun to see her twist things, poor Miata, she must be very lonely
    Just my opinion of course;)))

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To be honest, piracy sucks. But it doesn’t suck so hard that the Motion Picture Association of America should get to have retired US Senators turn the world into a police state to protect them – and not protect some guy who writes science-fiction (crappy though it may be) only to have it stolen by CBS Corporation to use in Star Trek:Discovery.

    If a system such as copyright protection only protects those with millions of dollars to pay lawyers to make it work, then we shouldn’t worry too much when the law doesn’t prop it up with draconian anti-piracy legislation that illegally intrudes on legal transactions over the Internet.

    Liked by 1 person

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