K-Port is Gone

Pheeew, at least the equally underequipped place of the SL Linux Users Group is still in place. No loss if that’d be closed as well.


Not that it was a particularly busy place or well-equipped for its supposed task of teaching n00bs some wisdom about SL but every mainland explorer knows the K-Port in Maryport sim on the SE end of the east river on Sansara as a very old and sturdy landmark and waypoint. Well, not anymore, it isn’t.


View from the Linden Road shows, yesh, K-port is history.

I’m hearing all other K-Places on the grid have closed down as well. The end times are upon us, the sky is falling, the lamb Ebbe broke the 7th seal, apocalypse is looming. 😮 Guess I’m gonna reserve a nice place in the nuclear desert of The Wastelands for myself. Who’s gonna join me?


The dystopic future of a deserted Second Life.


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