TIL That Maiti is Still on the Warpath

YAY, Looks like I’m getting some attention from the other team … or from Maiti as a lone ranger. Hard to say and completely irrelevant. In typically maniac Maiti manner she painstakingly readererd all my blogposts and statements in conversations over a period of 3o days and recites them now – totally out of context – in yet another one of her hateful diatribes.

30 days!!! In words: Thirty fukn days!!! Can you even imagine the amount of irrational hate, can you imagine such a warped mindset that triggers her to think such evil thoughts in that pretty head of hers? It must have taken her days, or at least hours, to collect all those Orca wisecracks and compile them to such great effect in her own blog. Bravo! Da capo, girly, da capo!




So for those of you who are familiar with the sail boat racing portion of the sailing community, you are probably aware of this crazy , trouble making, freeloader. I sure am. This back stabbing scumbag holds no honor or trustworthiness what so ever and, from years of self admitted drugs and drinking, is now what some insiders call the “SL Enigma Machine”, plain stuff goes in but you never can figure out what is coming out of her.
Recently, after occupying herself with breaking computers, and copying reviews of  half baked computer operating systems – all with a total anti American flourish, she has chosen to come back and take pot shots at myself, people in the sailing community, and of course, people who work and have what she wants for free.

I thought I’d just do a little collection of quotes from her own blog, in her own words, to demonstrate just what sort of thing she is. Mind you these are plucked out in just the last 30 days!  Enjoy!


I dunno if this makes an interesting read for you, I found it rather boring since Maiti just made a nice compilation of some of my greatest quotes. 🙂 It’s boring because I knew all the stuff, since I typed it myself at one or the other occasion. Completely needless to say that I stand behind every single word and have no reason to be ashamed of anything I said.

Stuff Maiti may or may not have correctly understood in her diminished capacity I tried to clear up and make more accesible for her in my blog’s comment section but she’s so blunt she used the material nevertheless.

Doesn’t matter, since it’s all correct and meant exactly as I said it, regardless of her understanding. But I must admit it ‘s very nice of her to show me as a martyr in the photo. 😉

If you want or need any clarification I’m more than willing to answer all your questions and tell you exactly in what circumstances, when and where I said any of these quotes.

But to swipe the rug from under maiti’s feet right at the beginning, let’s clear up some of her deliberate misconceptions about me and my avie:

  • I’ve never backstabbed anyone. There is a difference between not being loyal to assholes and stabbing people in the back.
  • I’m a premium member, not a freeloader. If I get stuff for free as a review or promotion item I say so in the reviews. That makes me one of the more honest bloggers I guess.
  • I don’t make trouble, just questioning the real trouble makers.
  • Self admitted drugs and drinking, yeah, Orca sure is a party girl.
  • My RL persona smoked some joints as a teenager, didn’t like it and stopped before she was even 18 y/o. Never drank alcohol, except some beer when sailing. But stopped that as well in … 1997. Yeah, since then strictly no alcoholic beverages, no coffee, no tea, no sodas.”
  • “SL Enigma Machine” is new to me. Sounds cool and mythical tho.
  • Ya, breaking computers is also not entirely true. Afterall I assembled this machine myself, and needed some post-production work to be done by my hardware specialist since my handiwork was sloppy. And after updating the BIOS/UEFI the machine became even betterer. So I guess Maiti’s just jealous.
  • No, I don’t copy other reviews. And if, it’s only  as clearly marked quotes, in order to comment on them.
  • No idea where she gets that “anti American flourish” from. I love to poke fun at Americans, just like anybody else. But I gotta admit I’m very very sceptical of the USA’s foreign policies or what they think foreign policies are. Playing both sides in conflicts that aren’t even theirs is a dickish move. I guess they are the most dangerous power on Earth right now as they are a failing hegemonial empire, which makes them even more dangerous.
  • Huh? Where have I chosen to come back? Didn’t know that I was ever gone.
  • Maiti takes herself too serious and deems herself as too important. Why should I ever “take pot shots at” her? I posted one article about how unfriendly I was treated by one SL boat builder and Maiti reacted like a wounded Lion momma.
  • How Maiti gets to the stupid idea that I want what others have “for free” is out of my grasp, sorry. If I wanted an IF boat I’d just  buy it, pure and simple. But I heard some things about it that I don’t wanna deal  with so I went to Dutch Harbor to inquire about the IF. Ana chose not to talk boat business with me but started a verbal attack. The rest is history.
  • And, yeah, thank you again, Maiti, for all the hard work you put into this great collection of Orca’s smash hits and rarities. Shows what an obsessed, meticulous worker bee you are. If I was your boss I’d keep you on staff as you bring this slightly obsessed maniac flair with you. As I said I stand behind every single word you quoted on my behalf! Seems you’re not only taking yourself too serious but me as well.


    • No, you’re right, it ain’t important at all. But contrary to Maiti I’m really stupid and have the tendency to always see things thru to the end. Makes me sleep better. I did so with don as well; all my friends told me to let it rest and let him get out as his credibility was shredded anyway. And it took me some more weeks to finally see it.

      But since Maiti tells me she’s just the spearhead of a mighty big community and they all wanna see me smashed to pieces and drive me out of SL I still can’t let it go. There is still too much evil spirit in her. You see I had quite some relaxed time until suddenly Maiti appeared out of the woodwork and started her attacks again … and I believe it will happen again and again if I stop now.


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