A Smelly, Manly Xmas Gift?



As I suffer the rare but not deadly condition of being smellblind or smell deaf  or whatever that’s called (I’m much too lazy to break out the dickshonary). Fact is I can’t smell for shit. LOL, really, I couldn’t smell your shit if you dropped the payload right on my keyboard. So much for my handicap.


But I know my hubby – just like any other hubby on the planet – is a huge fan of WD-40. So am I, to be honest, as it’s a wondrous oily substance that fixes nearly everything that needs fixing. From your carburettor to screaking door hinges and cleats on your sailboat, WD-40 belongs in every toolbox. It cleans, it smears, it fights rust, it makes stuff slippery and shiny and all sorts of sexy. Fuck it, it works like you’d expect from a good lubricant! I bet one could even use it as a massage oil. The WD-40 company lists over 2,000 uses for their product on the company’s website. And Gizmodo came up with some creative ways to use WD-40 … and some applications where you shouldn’t use it.

We always have a  spraycan of the stuff in the house. And yes, it will give you that special manly smell. So I’ve been told.




Well, I love manly men, or at least my own manly man so I guess the perfume adaptation of WD-40 would make the right gift for the manly man who already has everything, no? Any of my male readers already tried it? What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments down below.

Or … did I fall for a hoax and the WD-40 company are in reality much too proud and manly to establish their product as a lifestyle thing, like Jeep or Vespa did? 😮


  1. strangely i’m one of those folks who use the stuff as its intended, A friend of mine who owned a service that cleaned office spaces clued me in to this…. Clean all the kitchen and bathroom metals with this, , faucets sinks shower rods .. this is actually what the stuff was designed for, the WD part stands for Water Displacement. all those metal bits stay clean and shiny much longer.

    its a smell i associate with clean among the other toxic chemicals i use 🙂


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