Mature? Who, Me?

The other day, me online in world, looking at a fairly new boat that is all the rage right now. Aaaaaw, the builder is online, standing right there, so I access her in order to find out a bit more about the boat, for my blog and of course to find out if I personally might be interested in it. She’s in my friendslist and we talked before, she even made a boat for me, for free. That was nice. Then some weeks ago she had a fight with me. The old thing, as usual: Your forum suxxors, Béa is a meanie pooface, you’re a handful of retards … blaaaaaaah, we all know this bullshit civil war. As usual I didn’t care much and didn’t pay attention. I suck in life convos since I need quite long to read and even longer to respond with a minimum amount of typoes. So usually I just space out. Anyway I forgot about that convo as soon as she was gone and I could go on with whatever nonsense I was busying myself with before.

Ok, so I’m at her store now and we talk for a couple minutes about the boat when suddenly, like *boom!* she kinda shouts at me where I took the nerve to act as if we’re still friends and yadda yadda, and what a bad girl I am, and that I’m fighting on the wrong side and am blind to the real world and how with my RL age (yes, it’s true, I could easily be her mother) I’m so terribly immature? Ahaaa, that’s where the wind is coming from. Heard that same bullshit before from another girl. Or from her, whatever.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Watch this adult person adulting all over the place.

Yes, you guessed correctly, that boat builder is a leading figure in the other camp. As always with them they are running out of real arguments pretty quickly and have to resort to dirty personal attacks on the character of anyone not joining their side. Well, apart from them always confusing and mixing up arguments in their attacks and then denying to be the attackers, and that it’s all like very tiresome and boring for me and I really don’t have anything to do with that infight in the community;  apart from all that stuff one part of her attackument made me think for a while longer. Actually that was like at least a month ago but I just remembered it last night: The immaturity argument.

Apart from my maturity having nothing to do with where I stand in the community, her argument – if you can even call it that – is wrong on so many different levels, it’s virtually impossible for her to even grasp what she was accusing me of. Because clearly with her brutal radical mindset, her teenage angst, her tendency to sort the world around her in only two categories, black and white,  and her tender age she wouldn’t get it really what it means to be an adult, to be mature.

I know what comes now might bore you and you won’t understand it neither and dismiss it. But I have to get it out of my system; and what for do we have blogs, eh?  So let me set some things straight here:

*MEEP MEEP!* This Tiny Bunny is an adult but she doesn’t care.

Hun, once you’ve reached my age (marching straight on 50 now) you’ll know your place in society and in life. You’ll have made a career and a family, you did countless jobs, got married, owned countless cars, boats and motorbikes and travelled the world. Maybe you’ve even migrated to another country and started a new life. In any way you’ll have many many experiences and memories, you’ve learned many lessons, some of them very hurtful. But you’ve lived through them, lived your life, made the best and sometimes the worst of it. Anyway, you’ve achieved a certain level of wisdom. And much more importantly, you’ve reached a level of independence, a stage in life in which you give less and less fucks about anything. Up to and including overly excited and angry but terribly unempathic youngsters like yourself!

Once you’ve reached my biblical age of 49 fukn years you’ve reached a level of trancendence on which you simply don’t think in silly categories like maturity anymore. You’ll know yourself and  where you stand, your capabilities, your strength and your weaknesses. And that’ll be enough for you. You’ll have no need to proof anything to yourself anymore, and certainly not to anyone else. What others might think about you … pfff, who cares?

Of course I’m a tiny bit jealous. Of course I’d love to be my glorious 21 y/o hipsterpunk and political activist again. Of course I’d love to spend whole summers in bikinis or less, surfing, sailing and sleeping on the beach and in shared sailboat bunks. Traveling all over Europe in banged up old VW busses. But I had all that, enjoyed it tremendously and am pretty content with my life as it is now. I was poor and rich and poor again and am now fairly  comfortably settled in my lower middleclass suburban dream.

This nude guerilla fighter is very mature but she has far more important stuff to do. Like being all awesome with the visor and her assault rifle.

And we – my generation, the post punx – had something your generation will never have. We were born with some sense of duty towards society and community, with a sense for fairness. We received a proper political education, we were taught to question everything, including what our teachers told us, even and particularly our own ideas. Some of us, if we were so inclined, even developed something called an ideology. An ideology you don’t slip off like a snake its skin, it’s a lifetime commitment. And that is what your generation and following generations will never have and you’re the poorer of it: IDEOLOGY!   

All you’re capable of thinking about is yourself, your own gain, your advancement, total individuality. That’s soooo fukn boring isn’t it? Today you think this, tomorrow you’ll think something different about the same question. Crappy pragmatism. 😦 That’s why all your carefully constructed wannabe arguments and labouriously collected notecards with conversations and Orca-quotes will just bounce off my thick skin. Because you and I know you do all that stuff just for your personal gain. So, let’s say you’re correct and I did indeed say something stupid like half a year ago … what you just did is 10,000 times worse and you really made an arse of yourself.

And guess what, with 7 billion motherfuckers on this marble, and everyone only tinking about themselves the next grand catastrophe is already looming on the horizon. And people like you are not part of the solution, you are the problem!

This adult is about to die of thirst. And she gives a fuck about how mature or immature that might appear to you.


  1. The root meaning of mature:

    “The English word ‘mature’ derives from Latin ‘mātūre’, the vocative masculine singular of ‘mātūrus’ derives from the Gk. Ματευω meaning “to search, investigate, inquire, seek. The root of Ματευω is “μαω” which means to measure. Likely that the root Mat- has a similar meaning in Greek and Sanskrit i.e., Matr ” measurer , one who measures across or traverses; a knower , one who has true knowledge” also mAtur ” genitive of ‘mAtR’ (genitive = “case pertaining to origin, birth”) also mAtura ifc. after a proper noun = {mAtR}.

    Thus, to be mature means not to jump to conclusion, instead to investigate, measure, find out before making judgment. Maturity being a quality of patience, having the gumption to take the time to investigate (measure) rather than judgement from assumes based upon prior knowledge, opinion or tradition.”

    Sorry, Orca, Your history and own words precede you. You fail.


    • My history is over 30 years of experience in politics and dealings with obnoxious, spineless and super clever assholes without any ideology. Yes, you’re right, nowadays I’m jumping to conclusions because my time is too valuable to waste it on video game politics and argue in all earnesty with girls half my age. In 90% of cases I’m still right, since people always turn out to act and behave exactly as I assumed.

      So, who was jumping to conclusions here, assuming she knows my history?

      And where did I fail in my post? It was about a feeling I had nagging at my subconscious since the day I was last at Dutch Harbor. I was attacked out of the blue for no reason at all. That’s it, that’s all.


  2. For a brainless twat that spends more time lurking on VWS, than on your failure as a moderator Lucy, I fully understand how you could adapt that position.

    BTW Orca, why were you at that store? I’m sure you probably had your hand out for a freebie, I mean really, thats what you and Lucy are about right?

    Finally, Neither of us are half your age.

    Both of us are far more educated than you are or ever could hope to be.

    Neither of us are forced to compromise and live in the hell holes that both of you are.

    And that’s what really divides us. You people are always devising ways to take what others have have. And we want nothing of you, or what little you have.


    • I was at the store to infor myself about the folkeboat, was thinking about purchasing one, thankyouverymuch.

      And hey, it wasn’t me but Ana who came up with the suggestion that I’m easily old enough to be her mama. And she thought she was clever because I’m not mature enough to fil that gap in her life. Sorry for that, Ana, I don’t need a spoiled Mac user in my famlly. As I said receiving the free Bandit 25 was very nice, and I did my best to make her really shine in my blog, almost got a bad conscience for blatant advertising of the product.

      Compromise? We wanted to live exactly here were we are now so we moved here. That’s why we moved here. Say goodbye to the hectic European lifestyle and have the sun shining on our tummies instead. I guess we could have made a worse decision, for example if we’d moved to the USA’s freezing NE. If Cape Town is a hellhole it’s a very nice one with nice people, nice weather, nice infrastructure and super nice landscape, I like my hellhole.

      That being said, Brazil as well as RSA are both part of the BRICS group, an up and coming economical union, much more powerful and rich than the EU and the US would like to see. That’s why you’re so miffed, right? We’re fukn independant!

      Education: I made a master degree at Uni, and I guess Lucy, as biology fraggle, is academia too.

      So I guess you’ve insulted us enough, and if I was such a vigilant sentinel over my blog as you are over your yes-men forum I’d have your commenting rights revoked and listed you as undesirable risk. But I’m a happy go lucky idiot and your love letters are fairly amusing in their obvious obnoxity and poison slinging madness so I let you go on for now. Thanks for being such a perfect example and stereotype to embody exactly the category of people I was writing about in my posting.

      There is nothing of elegance, of goodwill, of cooperation to be found in your attacks, so what shall I want to take from you? My life without a Maiti and her shite would be so much happier.


    • Do you say I am brainless because I read your forum? Matbe you are right in this 😛

      My so-called “failure” in moderation… I think that Silber, Q and me are doing a good job there as the forum is running smooth, especially after your insane attacks there where stopped.

      Let me remind you that your ban there was by request of users, moderation staff just put you under moderation to stop you flooding every topic with your hate comments. Since then, very little had to be done but accepting new users. But in your sick mind this can be seen as a “failure”, who knows?


  3. No problem Orca!
    Don’t want to deal with me and the real truth? Get the fuck out of SL once and for all.

    Otherwise, every time and every where you lie and warp the truth, you will be confronted and shown the fake and bull crap artist you are.


    • You’re so full of it you stupid bitch. Don’t you ever stop and listen to yourself? Because if you would you’d soon see what a massively incongruent and insignificant disruptor you are.

      Damn right, I don’t wanna deal with you and what you perceive as “the truth”. Since it’s all insignificant bullcrap. And you should know fukn assholes are no reason for me to gtfo of SL, I expect them (you) to gtfo and leave me in peace.


  4. And BTW folks the If Boat was released in May. All of this supposed conversations and unprovoked attack, was first provoked and second months , many months ago not a few weeks.
    So which is the real truth here?
    That Orca is a weak minded moron that just now caught on to all this, or that this is another of a string of provocations from that same Orca moron?

    My guess a bit of the former, but mostly the latter.


    • Maybe it was months, maybe it was weeks ago, I honestly never bothered about the timeline, All I know is it was a while ago. Another one of your totally insignificant details which doesn’t change my feelings or my argumentation. Why woud any thinking person bother about the shit anyway? Fact is Ana suddenly, out of the blue sky, started shouting at me and accused me of the most hilarious stuffz. She almost sounded like she was reading from a Maiti textbook.

      What do you mean with “string of provocations”? Please elaborate. It would be nice to let us all in about what you’re screaming and shouting here.

      BTW, the conversation is not supposed, it did happen, else I wouldn’t write about it. Can I prove it? No, I can’t. Because I’m not a paranoid bean counting sociopath like you and I’m not in the habit of collecting data from unsuspecting 3rd parties against SL TOS.

      PS: To what “folks” are you talking here? The imgaginary masses you lead so impressively into warfare against … ya, against what are you fighting here, dummy? Do you have a particular axe to grind? Do you see me as an enemy? How embarrassing, I always wished for stronger antagonists in my SL, if any. You’re just a little crake, not worth bothering.


  5. maiti you best read what you wrote first off about the meaning of maturity
    Thus, to be mature means not to jump to conclusion, instead to investigate, measure, find out before making judgment. Maturity being a quality of patience, having the gumption to take the time to investigate (measure) rather than judgement from assumes based upon prior knowledge, opinion or tradition.”

    so coming from some one some one who wrote scaremongering articles about the seychelles full of crap you made out you knew about , which you did not you have the nerve to have ago at others plus all your other twisted manipulations of conversations you post and lie about , sort of the pot calling the kettle black don”t you think


    • TomTom, calling me a black kettle? Me? The whitest little porcellain tea cup you’ve ever seen? A black kettle?
      Now you pushed me over the edge and I will side with Maiti, join her forum and her haters club. Because I hate you too!!!

      LØL =^.^=


    • Actually Tammy Boy, those articles came from a extremely high ranking official within the Seychelles management group,

      And I keep very good notes as people like you have learned the hard way. Question my integrity again, and maybe I’ll post them.I’m sure you are aware that doing so will make for a very bad day for both you, and that person.


      • those good notes lmao ,how many times i,ve caught you out twisting the truth ,you seem to forget i have the same chat logs unaltered


  6. Actually both of you were indeed members of the only true forum for sailing in SL.

    Both of you had Several chances at contributing and being part of that community, and blew them over and over because you just couldn’t act like decent human beings.
    Infact… Orca whats the count of forums, news letters and other sorts of communities you have been banned from up to these days? I have seen you are now getting thrown out of Linux forums now.

    Says a lot for the two of you doesn’t It?


    • Yes, I contributed quite a lot to the only true forum for sailing in SL. Admittedly I was never a huge forum contibutor as I always preferred to do stuff inworld and care about the day to day business of club racing. Hmmm, maybe I could have done more on the social network front too … but naaw, that’s not me. And … ooops, it ain’t any of your business, so why don’t you just fokoff?

      Forums I’ve been banned from = 3. Newsletters = 0.

      I state now as I did then that none of those bans were the least bit justified. First it was Nber banning me from the same forum you’re trying to destroy now, because of her weak nerves and bad dreams I caused for her. Please I was just questioning the existence of USS as the authority about all things SL sailing. I can imagine that lead to some indentity crisis in the upper echelons of USS but it’s an inexcusable reason for a ban.

      Second was the mod bots of SL forum found my posts offensive. Asked what was the reasosn exactly I never got an answer, so matter of factly I was banned for no reason at all.

      Third was the Architect Arch Linux Installer forum, a little and fairly insignificant forum with only a single reason to exist. Guide new users through the first steps in a new OS. Architect Installer offers you the option to install a whole plethora of desktop environments so I choose my old favourite, MATE. Little did I know there are a bunch of Gnome 3 fanatics hosting that forum and I received a lot of flack for my choice of DE from the forum mod. When I stated that I’m using the Gnome 2 successor MATE because Gnome 3 is DOA with more flaws and negatives than positives and the mindset of the devs is very destructive because they are paid by Micro$oft for destroying the user interface … turned out at least one of the mods is a paid gun by Microsoft. Soooo = Orci’s ass was banhammered. 🙂 Doesn’t matter, I joined that forum to get 1 question answered, which they kinda failed so our business had concluded anyway.

      Far as I know Lucy hasn’t been banned from anything, so I guess it doesn’t say anything about the two of us but only about me. And what it says about me was best defined by the good ol’ Voltaire:

      “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”

      So, you may think what you want, I guess I deserve a medal in all 3 cases. Was I friendly or at least diplomatic? The fuck I was not! Hateful stupid shite like friendlyness shouldn’t matter in technical fori. Dunno about you but I never joined any forum to make friends, gain influence or play mucked up little powerplays and intrigues like you.


      • As far as I know, in SL i was manually put in Monkey’s Voodoo “security system” for not leaving his “enemy” group Green Zone.

        I received a notecard from Monkey saying that I was member of Green Zone, and I had three days to leave it or would be put in the list of “bad guys”. I sent him another note saying that no idiot could tell me what groups I could or not be in. He should stay trying to sell his flawed “security” trap to noobies than trying to blackmail people like me. Of course he put me in his blacklist the same day, not waiting the three days 🙂

        And at that time I was thinking in leaving Green Zone, as after Red Zone was banned from SL (against which GZ was made) that group becomes almost useless. One or two basic security measures a month asked by newbies, and that’s all.

        In the old Orkut, I was banned from a cretionist discussion group also.

        That’s all that I remember.


  7. only true forum wtf!!! after its recent new rules on advertising its just a platform for selling floating sex bed boats offering all these wonderful new features robbed from wwc lmao


    • Oh, was it THAT forum Mati was talkin’ about? Pfffff. True, I didn’t do shit there since a forum about powerboats and Catch the Flag and Tugby and other boy scout activities holds little interest for me.


  8. I’m sorry, yes Tamm, you are right – I was wrong.
    What I meant to say was THE ONLY FORUM.

    The thing you people still cling to has little to no traffic, and is utterly worthless.
    A hint to you all, A facebook page or maybe something with Twitter is more appropriate to handle what very little postings and crap goes up there these days.
    And those don’t cost anything, so it should appeal to all your leeching behaviors.
    Maybe a section with pictures of cats? Or maybe a Linux section?

    Fact is, time did tell. Your brand of crap and hatred Orca and Tamm, did it in.

    As for you Lucy, poor moderation, particularly in the form of uneven and biased implementation of the rules due to the moderators being hired hands with little control of the owner and it’s “administrator ” alt.
    Biased handling of “donors” allowing them to make incredible strings of drug and drink influenced posts without any restrictions at all.
    Yeah thats what the public wanted, sure.

    In a way Lucy, this situation was not your fault. It was destined to fail considering the situation. What is your fault is that any normal, intelligent being with decent morals and convictions would have seen this and walked away. You didn’t.

    People turned and ran like hell when a good, decent, and friendly place was presented.

    I said this many times before and people are taking notice. Do not allow these people , Orca and Tamm in particular, near your places, events, products. They reek of the failure and trouble which precedes them.

    One look at all the crap they have left in their wake is all the proof one needs.

    A once thriving YC dead in the water.

    A group thats failed, but was a attempt to split the sailing community. One that doesn’t even follow its own rules with the election of leaders, and whose present leaders are nowhere to be found. One whose members post in it and the SLSA because they know that only posting in the one will yield Nobody to their events.

    Thats the start, but those are your legacies people. Enjoy sitting on your sour laurels of things you destroyed.

    Meanwhile, as the perhaps 10 of you do that, the true sailing community is out and about, thriving, happy, free, and doing their thing. All without you.


    • »A once thriving YC dead in the water.«

      Oh wow, you are really deaf are you? Or is it just that you can’t hear anything while you’re broadcasting your hostile agenda?

      But, ok, I try it once again:
      TrYC is doing well, all things considered. We don’t have as many events as we once had, and these are the reasons: Fi left SL and Charlz lost interest as well and sold Triumphal to Trap. Also Rosie, Kris and Orca stepped down from their posts and with that activities kinda came to a standstill. It’s a natural thing as clubs are always in fact nothing more but a small bunch of activists and many more or less inactive members. As a SYC member you should know it better than anybody. Haha, contrary to SYC, which was dead for a very long time, at TrYC things went on pretty quickly since Lucy took over Orca’s saturday race and Laycee and Deni are doing their topless monday cruises. The number of members didn’t take a hit and Trap is rather busy remodelling some sailing installations. So, in fact TrYC’s doing rather well.

      »A group thats failed, but was a attempt to split the sailing community.«

      Talking about SLSC? The founding of SLSC was a pure necessity and in no way an attempt to split the community. It was either Mark seeing reason or a bunch of ppl leaving. SLSA and SLSC are not important but just megaphones, multipliers. The real split happened already long ago. What’s important is a forum. And you know it best yourself how you tore that thing apart. And with it the community.

      Or at least you should know it. But I’m never sure what you know or what you even wanna know.


      • Ok Orca lets use your completely irrational definitions.

        “TrYC is doing well, all things considered”

        Ok let’s consider a few things. The RD’s ran. They didn’t walk, they ran. And that was BEFORE the sale. Not after. They ran because of the politics you and the same hostile forces were trying to push in there. So one racing event a week and a cruising event that you claim is a TrYC event but is not, nor is it a racing event, making it a non event in your definitions throughout this thread. Dead and a failure – which can only be fairly attributed to you and your importation of a few hostile assholes.
        I might also add that I and a few others, which you constantly define as assholes, rebels, terrorists, and all the other tags you can think of, are still members of that club. All in the hope that the current owner finally realizes what a negative influence you and several others have been and are, and removes you completely.

        The day that happens we will come back with open arms and all the resources and vigor to help revive that club.

        »A group thats failed, but was a attempt to split the sailing community.«

        The SLSC again, is a failure. It was a result of a failed coup attempt by several of you, three of them interestingly enough responding in this thread. It was never used as intended, It has missed the dictated election, the current people voted in to owners are no place to be found, so ownership cant be moved as it was supposed to be, and finally 90% of the people who put out notices, put them out in SLSA too, because its the only way to attract people. Most don’t want to be bothered by that sad little role play group.

        Infact, if the people involved are sooo interested in solving the supposed split in the community, that group should be closed. It does nothing different than the other, there are no differences in usage or what is put up. The only difference between them is the fact that the SLSC was founded because of hatred, bull crap rumors and a desire to gain power.

        And now after all this time, several things are evident.
        The SLSC has failed to live up to its own rules. It has been abused for propaganda purposes. It has failed to have the elections this last time changing hands in an open election. It serves nothing but a repetitive purpose

        And there is no evidence of any misuse of the SLSA, and it is still the preferred method of announcement in the sailing and boating community. This is clearly demonstrated by every single posting that shows up in SLSC then SLSA.


      • »Ok let’s consider a few things. The RD’s ran. They didn’t walk, they ran. And that was BEFORE the sale. Not after. They ran because of the politics you and the same hostile forces were trying to push in there. So one racing event a week and a cruising event that you claim is a TrYC event but is not, nor is it a racing event, making it a non event in your definitions throughout this thread.«

        Oy vey, that’s soo much bullcrap, even for you, it’ll take me half the night to respond. The only question for me is: Is it worth answering? Obviously not. Because every word of reason is lost on a loonatic like you. Still, it needs to be said, they didn’t run. Both, Kris and Rosie, told me about time constraints. Secondly, I never brought any politics into the TrYC sailing programme, since that wouldn’t make any sense. It’s maybe something you’d do, abusing sailing for your powerplays. Not me. And why does it matter if Rosie and Kris stepped down before Triumphal was sold? I knew that myself, everybody knows it. Kris told me she needs to spend most of her time with her grandchildren now and so won’t have time to play in SL anymore. That was before last year’s summer season and loooong before Fi left and Charlz was letting go of the sim.

        I never imported any assholes or other people into TrYC. I never asked aynone to join the club, quite the contrary. I told most n00bs membership in any yacht club isn’t necessary and they should get all info they need through SLSA. But if they wanna join a club, TrYC is welcoming them with open arms.

        Stop lying TO me ABOUT me, you crackpot. Are you really too blind to see what you’re doing here?

        »The SLSC again, is a failure. It was a result of a failed coup attempt by several of you, three of them interestingly enough responding in this thread.«

        Know what? It doesn’t matter. I guess most of us know that SLSC isn’t the grand success it was suposed to be. But that doesn’t matter as it at least doesn’t belong to a landlord and his estate. I prefer to be poor but free over being pampered by assholes who in return want me to stay quiet and to never ask hard questions.

        And it wasn’t an attempted coup. How could it. SLSA is owned by a single person, as long as that person owns the group there doesn’t even exist the option for a coup. The masses asked for a change and it was denied. So some of the masses left and did their own thing. Easy as that. It’s not even politics but just the law of cause and effect.

        Anyway, this isn’t a thread as this isn’t a forum. It’s not my fault that you meet the intelligentsia of SL sailing among my readership. And after you delivered such an obvious soft target I believe they couldn’t resist but responding to your shit.

        »Infact, if the people involved are sooo interested in solving the supposed split in the community, that group should be closed.«

        Exactly the other way round, hun, exactly 180° the other way. If one of the groups should be closed it is the SLSA. Because the SLSA leadership didn’t show any real attempt to listen to reason and in fact left everything as it was. All we got from Mark were the usual empty phrases. So we left. Cause and effect again … and fuck pragmatism!

        Have you ever noticed how you’re the only person here talking about power? Hmmm, that’s interesting is it not? For most of us the principle of power is too abstract to bother with, particularly in the realm of a silly virtual world. So please leave us – and me and my blog – out of your roleplay power games.


  9. Actually Tamm I’m obviously in there. Always have. And if one or two posts a day are ok and and actually sailing matters – congrats.
    But funny, all I see is the “where is crap” all the time. Not a sailing matter and not even content worth mentioning.

    Finally, my banning was not legitimate, but was a result of the same 10 or so people covering their asses to the truth and realities I brought out. It was a result of the poor moderation and the bias I mentioned above. You see, Tamm, real people see right thru the BS that was being perpetrated there, they saw me saying what they were too timid to say.

    Banning me was the most stupid thing that could have been done. it proved to many people the lies and bias going on. That was all that was needed. The rest was provided by the owner, and several completely crazy and totally hostile henchmen, most of which are no longer to be found.

    But also compounding that stupid decision, was allowing the owner to continue to tell others to leave after the ban, if they said anything he disagreed with. And the moderators did nothing about that as well.

    Again, Thats the reality of it all. And there’s no going back now.


    • »Actually Tamm I’m obviously in there. Always have.«

      Haha, see, that proves a couple points in one go:

      1) You’re obviously a sneaky asshole who doesn’t mind overstaying her welcome.

      2) The WTWB forum isn’t the paranoid snakepit the VWS forum is. Your alts are welcome there. I guess I otoh mustn’t even try becoming member of VWS since you’ll snoop me out with hardly legal fascist methods.

      3) Banning you was the best thing the mods could do. Since you’re gone we don’t have to dedicate so much time just to answer your bullshit attacks anymore.

      4) In fact I prefer a forum in which I only have to view 2 or 3 posts about sailing over a forum with many many posts about powerboats and powersales and catch the flag and the tugby league. And from time to time I engage in a funny little game of hide and seek. Can I please do that without being politically attacked?


      • »See Once again totally wrong, but what can be expected from a brain damaged sociopath such as yourself.«

        No, you are wrong on all accounts: I’m neither brain damaged nor a sociopath. Maybe a bit socially awkward as I’m rather introvert and don’t like to be in the presence of people like you. Actually can’t stand it.

        »I have always been there«

        Ya, obviously as an alt, which is welcome in WTWB forum. Which makes your following statement even more irrational and immoral and yes, I say it again, fascist:

        »And making the statement of not allowing duplicate accounts hardly makes anyone or anything fascist,«

        But enjoying the privilege of duplicate accounts in WTWB forum. Are you now completely cuckoo???

        »a term you freely use on anyone when you have been totally beaten down with the truth.«

        Sorry but I’m still waiting for the moment when you’ll beat anyone down with the truth. So far all we’ve ever heard from you were figments of your vividly paranoid imagination.

        »My understanding is, you don’t have a great rep over there, I’m sure this will bolster that feeling.«

        As always your understanding is shit. I love NYC and NYC loves me! Huge penguin and Benny fan, and Fran is still in my friendslist. I’m sure she wouldn’t have liked your bulldozing nature neither. I have nothing against NYC’s Flag game, never discounted the events. I’m just not interested to read about it in your (or any other) forum. But when I open your forum it’s one of the first things jumping at me, together with Tugby and Powerboat races.

        »Finally Orca, I’d say it’s you that have over stayed your welcome in SL, but honestly, I don’t think you were ever welcome. «

        Yes, you’re wrong again, I’ll know if I overstayed my welcome in SL once the lab doesn’t accept my membership payments anymore. So far they are gladly taking my money so we’re on good terms and my account is in good standings. Actually they didn’t fuck up too badly during the last year, so maybe I’m gonna buy some land again. Because it’s exactly the other way round from what your describe here: In fact it’s LL who overstayed their welcome in my patience period, they pissed me off. That’s why I got rid of my land and only have my 512.

        »Your continued provocations and the continued BS you put out is unacceptable. You have been warned and now once again you pushed things too far.«

        Huh? I provoke nothing and nobody but some assholes in SL sailing, and as we all know the lab don’t want to deal with personal disputes, else you’d been kicked out long ago. Oh wait, wasn’t your first account banned by LL? Or did the mighty landlady Maiti quit herself because she couldn’t show her face in SL anymore?

        What did I push too far? If memory serves you started this fight with a very provocative and totally unfair and wrong comment. All I’m doing is trying to talk some sense into you. Now give it up, Maiti, you’re turning into the second Don now. Nobody believes a word from your “arguments”, nobody believes in the made up accusations, nobody’s taking you serious as threat … actually nobody gives a singular fuck about you.

        And now please shut the fuck up, you don’t amuse me anymore, nor any of my readers. It’s against my politics and my ideology but I might block you from commenting. Muted you in world long ago, so it’d be just the logical next step. Actually I’m doing it today, no further tolerance for a shithead such as you. Selling three pines was the badest thing I’ve ever seen from any SL resident. You’ve sunken to completely new and uncharted dephts: Stuff so mean I couldn’t even imagine any one could ever be sucha crappy person. I’m done with you!


      • See Once again totally wrong, but what can be expected from a brain damaged sociopath such as yourself. I have always been there, And making the statement of not allowing duplicate accounts hardly makes anyone or anything fascist, a term you freely use on anyone when you have been totally beaten down with the truth.

        As for what people write about such as catch the flag, hmmm I think thats NYC, and I’ll be sure to let them know about the several times you discount their events, I’m sure they will appreciate that. My understanding is, you don’t have a great rep over there, I’m sure this will bolster that feeling.

        Finally Orca, I’d say it’s you that have over stayed your welcome in SL, but honestly, I don’t think you were ever welcome. Your continued provocations and the continued BS you put out is unacceptable. You have been warned and now once again you pushed things too far.

        Now its time for the push back.


  10. Hehehehehhehh
    Its perfectly obvious to me…..
    Miata still carries a torch for Orca:)))
    Its that simple,
    I happened to bump into Miata quite by chance, a few days ago.
    I was polite, said Hello and said it had been a while..usual chit chat
    Then Miata launched into a very childish tantrum and mud slinging her vitriol
    NOT towards me, but to Orca, Beatrix(well i can understand that last one)
    I told her i wasn’t interested, and asked her to stop..
    Did she??? Hell no, she then started to attack me for whatever reasons she could pluck out of the air..
    I wanted to watch the race(we were at the same startline) but eventually I had to i couldn’t put up with her tripe any longer
    Ho Hummmmm

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, that’s the way she operates. Did she ask you to stop attacking her as well? Oh btw, it’s just one mouseclick to mute undesirables and enjoy SL in peace and quiet.


  11. I have no patience with the Forum Battle
    The (OTHER) one was set up by MTW the driving force behind it
    iF people want to use it, thats fine,
    Personally I think its pretty dull and boring
    I may not agree with the dictatorial way my preferred Fourm is controlled.
    but thats my thought and mine alone..


    • What MTW forum? We have one owned by Bea and one owned by Maiti, Ana and Petra. MTW’s not involved in any of it, at least not officially.


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