Orca’s Behind the Times

Really now, I should be so fukn ashamed of myself. There are the most blogworthy things happening in SL and star reporter Orca has to read about them in other blogs. 😦 For example did you know that the Schiffsratten have left their big old parcel in Pslande and moved to a water parcel on Inquestor off Corsica’s southern coast? Ya, of course you did. They moved already in March so everybody should have noticed. Ya, everybody but me, I didn’t know, so I report about it as if it just happened yesterday. 😉


Seems the rats went thru a bit of a crisis, just like most other yacht clubs lately. Internal bitchfights, shrinking numbers of active members, no new leaders as the old leadership slowly retires … you name it. So the move to the new quarters also saw the rat’s land shrinking to a 4096 parcel. Well still big enough for their clubhouse and some docks and moorings. Maybe a sign of the times that the parcel is owned by Ralfo Rossini personally and not by the group.

But as we stated already quite often: A club isn’t a fancy clubhouse, a huge land, thousand boats in a huge marina; a club is made by the people! And that seems to be exactly the problem with Schiffsratten YC, same as RL Germany they are going extinct. 😮


Hmmm, maybe I’m even more lucky than I thought, cause things are going comparatively smooth at TrYC. We still have close to 500 members, even tho our schedule is on a minimum right now. After we lost Kris and Rosie as RDs, and Orca stepped down as High Cheese, Lucy was quick to step up as Race Directrice for the traditional Saturday n00n races, a function she fullfills with much more aplomb and competence than Orca ever did. And Hanne seems to come into her own now as well, caring about the social aspects of the club and as idea generator. Plus we have Laycee and Deni doing the Topless Cruise. They function like a fuckn clockwork! Perfect. Yeah, I guess regarding the overall crisis in SL sailing and SL in general TrYC is doing remarkably well.

Let’s hope the shiprats will master their crisis as well.



  1. There Is No Crisis in SL Sailing. I repeat, There is NO Crisis in SL Sailing.

    We are all doing Just Fine. Clearly, any crisis you personally may perceive is only due to your completely warped sense of what the true real sailing community consists of and their failure to listen to you spew your vile opinions.

    Any failures you label as crisis, are due to both your, and a extremely small subset of the community, to recognize this one simple reality.

    My personal opinion, (Which as much as you hate hearing.), is that once this same small bunch of malcontents figures out that they are part of a much larger and growing community; one that will not accept them for what they continue to spew all these years, then the outlook and their perception of the situation may change for them.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the 99% of the sailing and boating community keeps chugging along, totally oblivious – because honestly, most don’t even know who you are or any of the rest of the people you have mentioned.

    There is no crisis.


    • That’s like … only your opinion. No, not even an opinion, that was nothing but politics, and the exact same thing you’re accusing me off: spewing shite.

      Alone the fact that you’re talking about the ‘sailing and boating community’ instead of sailing community speaks volumes about the sad state our community is in right now. Powerboaters aren’t sailors, period! You don’t mix ’em in RL, you don’t mix ’em in SL. Natural enemies n stuff.

      Fact is the number of sailing events is way down all over the board, SRYC, Waypoint, FIYC, FEYC are like almost dead. TYC, NYC, TrYC, SYC are chugging along, right, but it’s not like it used to be like a couple years ago.

      Our “small bunch of malcontents” is very well aware that we are part of something much bigger. Heck some of us are/were instrumental in making it as big as it is. And it’s a wonder it’s still big and alive, despite your best attempts to break it apart.

      About your totally uncalled for personal attacks: Of course most people don’t know who I am, geeze I hope they don’t know me. Because most of the new community are much too green to know about me, and I’m not too keen on making their acquaintance neither.

      What rest of ppl did I mention in the post? Ralfo was the only name mentioned by me. And he is kinda very famous, and everybody not knowing him is stupid, ill-informed and ignorant. That’s not my opinion but fact! It’s not mine nor anybody else’s fault that you only joined the SL sailing community so late in the game. If you had a bit more insight in our history you’d be more humble before you dismiss important figures as unimportant.

      If you have no crisis, good for you. I have no crisis neither, personally I’m cool and doing very well in my 5 daily minutes I spend inworld. But the SL Sailing Community is in a crisis … pretty much ever since you’ve joined us.


      • Oh btw, I guess I have to thank you … for making me so angry I almost feel compelled to break my sabbatical early and take care of business again. Somebody needs to stop your choo choo propaganda train.


  2. Hah, you said it best yourself:
    » 99% of the sailing and boating community keeps chugging along, totally oblivious«
    Spoken like a real politician here, Maiti. That’s how you like your cattle, eh? Totally oblivious. But hey, some of us are trying to avoid exactly the state of oblivious, we’re trying to encourage people to think for themselves, to make up their own minds and don’t fall for pied pipers and demagogues like you.


  3. I truly enjoy how you chop statements to just your liking, And always shorter to meet up with your attention span. Every time you do that people see just how weak and lacking your arguments are.

    Nobody has any propaganda train except you. And people are wise to it.
    Why don’t you tell the truth, why TrYC lost those RD’s Orca? Why not admit that you were the cause of the downfall of that club?

    Fact is places are doing fine INCLUDING some of the clubs you mention are suffering. Fact is, it’s your own tiny little warped and fragmented world that is suffering.

    Fact is that competitive sailing is a tiny, tiny, fraction of the whole sailing and boating scene. And it was getting smaller due to the recognition that people would end up in the company of a small, but very vocal group of assholes like you. That’s the reason why people were either getting out of racing, or not getting in. And it’s no surprise that clubs that have shown no tolerance to the BS you spew and to you personally, are now doing quite well, in fact, having a true resurgence of activity and new sailors.

    Frankly, the very best thing you can do for sailboat racing: Keep writing your hate diatribe concerning Apple, Microsoft, and all things American, and stay out of SL Sailing.

    Seems to have worked the last 6 months, why fuck up a good thing.


  4. As usual you’re full of lies, Maiti, the obviously blunt instrument as always. Hmm, should I just go on and ignore you or go through the pain of explaining the world how it really is to you? Ugh, I guess I’ll just give it a try. Here goes:

    1) Chopping statements: I quote exactly the highlights of your statements, just like any one else does in point vs point discussions. The stuff that irks me most, your most bad assumptions.

    2) Propaganda Train: Yes, you’re right, what you showed here is more like antiganda. Sorry for using the wrong terminology.

    3) Rosie and Kris resigned for reasons that aren’t your concern. But I can assure you it was time constraints and family reasons. We never had an political fights or differences in opinion. The one new RD (forgot her name now) who held races out of Woodfall, presumably in the name of TrYC, resigned for exactly the reasons you mentioned, right. And she used exactly your very own vocabulary when she took her hat very vocally in a group notice. In the real world we call those people double agents, sock puppets, agents provocateurs … or alts. Heck I didn’t even know her, why she was a RD with TrYC all of a sudden and I joined exactly one of her races, which was fun. But no loss whatsoever.

    4) Fact is Places don’t mean shit. Places don’t make clubs, people make clubs. Listen, I read almost all group notices n shit and there I notice much less events, at least sailing events, than usual. The community is tired. And go, ask Ralfo and/or Slber if SRYC is in a crisis or not. Or read their website, that wasn’t maintained since months. So if even SRYC, most probably the leading yc in SL, is in crisis, how are the others supposed to fare?

    5) Fact is competitive sailing is and always was the most important part of SL sailing. In every club, except MBCC/LCC. Heck, it’s the very reason for why yacht clubs and SLSA/SLSC were founded! Everybody can do parties and other social stuff too, and that’s fine and has its place in our clubs as well. But it will always stay a sideshow.

    6) Sorry, competitive sailing needs a lot of very exact communication coz rules n shit. That’s why it needs some very vocal people. I know people are stressed in RL these days and don’t have the nerves to deal with racing. But that’s their own fault/problem, not that of the race organizers/assholes.

    7) Those clubs that didn’t listen to my BS have a resurgence in activity … what
    activities exactly are we talking about here? Tugby, Catch the Flag, Cruises, powerboat races? Girl, that is like ordering a Ferrari, getting delivered a fukn Beetle and being told »Look how well we’re doing!«

    8) Yes, I hate Apple and Microsoft, or rather said I pity them and theri sub par products. But first of all I pity their users. Why would I hate all things American? There is a lot of remarkably good stuff coming out of that country. Stuff I adore and am a fan of. But the dirty business practices of some of your major companies, and your foreign policies just can’t be ignored. What’s that gotta do with SL sailing baffles me. One needs a really dirty mind to mix those things up. One destructive and mean mind like yours.

    8) Yeah, I can imagine, the last 6 mths were nice for you and your clicque. No nagging fukn Orca, free reign over the naive n00bs. Good times. But that’s just for you. I hear people are calling for me to come back and get to town. Listen, just to bring this disruptive business to an end before I ignore you again, what I always wanted and did was just organizing some sail races. I have no idea what that’s gotta do with any of the other stuff you’re talking about. I have and never had any intention to become a big number in the community, a fukn leader figure or whatever floats your boat. Just leave me the fuck alone and let me do my weekly races and let me rumble about your uncouth behaviour in the community.


  5. Interesting Orca, interesting, except none of it holds a drop of water.
    You complain about personal attacks, while calling me among other things a “blunt instrument”. You confess to taking drugs because you are so fucking crazy, you cant control yourself, and presumably what you say and do.

    You confess frequently that you jump to conclusions, are not nearly up to date on checking facts and the world around you, and even have said yourself you cant be bothered to check on any of that, too time consuming, yet are very quick to dismiss anything you don’t want to hear , or goes against your own personal narrative.

    And no, I did not engage in propaganda, anti- propaganda or any other label you wish to put out there. What I did was once again provide a small dose of reality to your little world.

    It’s again interesting that anyone that speaks out against your narrative, that has a problem with your destructive and down right evil way of doing things as a sock puppet, double agent, alts, yet when avis clearly are true alts, even proven alts, even self confessed alts, who spew the same crap as you, they are heroes of the downtrodden. Just goes to show yet again, how truly fucked up you are.

    Competitive Sailing is not the most important part of sailing. Its only part of it. Clubs are not, its people. People are the most important part of sailing, you know, the same people you very publicly say you have no interest in knowing or meeting. Yet you still presume to be one of the spokespeople for all of sailing – shame on you. Anti sailing, anti people, anti social.

    Yes, competitive sailing needs a lot of communication. That’s not what I was talking about. I was talking about all the true hate that you helped produce, publish and distribute concerning me, and many members of the sailing community that you and your pals couldn’t run over and control. That was the real tide that killed your club, and continues to haunt it and other aspects of sailing you so long for. And those memories will continue. And as a result the places you tout look like nuclear testing grounds.

    As for clubs resurgence, well again by your own admission, you don’t spend much time in SL, so how would you know? Do everyone a favor and use your rather closed mind, shut your rather large, biased mouth, and have a look around. But then again, that is an already confessed decision – you claim you don’t have to.

    And lastly Orca, as long as you continue to spew your crap, you won’t ever be left alone to do it. The community, even SL as a whole, doesn’t need your brand of hate. And there’s a huge line of people ready to put their foot up your ass every time you open that revolting mouth of yours.

    And let this be clear notice to every club, every group, to anyone associated with you… This person brings drama and destruction with her anywhere she goes, the proof is plain to see. She is destructive and is a sure thing to destroy by her own actions, what you have worked hard to build up. It would be wise to deny her the opportunity to do so.


    • Ya, whatever you say hun. You’re grabing for the last straw now, do you? Just because I take a mild over-the-counter, non-prescription, homoeopathic medicine to calm my nerves, doesn’t make me even half as gaga as you in your overly aggressive bullying way. I was just amused about the content of those pills, a highly poisenous ‘shroom isn’t something I usually have in my diet. That’s why I wrote about it, not to show you what a crazy person I am. I know that counts as weakness in your harsh world but as I said: Whatever … pffffz.

      Come on now, don’t talk so much about all the negativity I create, and have a look at your own handiwork. I’m much too unimportant in the grand scheme of things, just a little ex-sailor. Contrary to the high and mighty Maiti. From the first moment I knew you, you were on the warpath. First with Don and Irish, then with Silber and the whole Fizz community. Didn’t you wanna buy the southern tip of Pslande and eject SRYC from the land?

      Then you started a rebellion in sailing forum by calling out Bea, me and everyone who still believed in acommunity. And then you became a turncoat and turned on MTW/Nber. But you’re friends again now, right? Or did you change your loyalty yet again? Didn’t you have a blog as well, even two? Mhm, as soon as they were of no use to you anymore you stopped writing. So we see you’re a wobbly character, you cannot be trusted, you only know one narrative: to gain as much personal profit/power/influence as you can accomplish.

      Even your close allies think your a loose cannon. Do you think I thought of the “blunt instrument” moniker myself? Pfff, my English ain’t good enough for such elegant rethoric. Naaaw, I heard it from someone in your camp. And thought it’s quite fitting for you and your way to operate.

      BTW, you can stop arguing now, because this stopped being any amusing. Everything you say is soooo obvious and forseeable you really only manage to bore me to ears.
      Orca out.


  6. I’ll refute your entire reply in just a few lines:


    I have been quite active in all aspects of blogging. And you have been inspiration on several occasions. Again, as I have said before, you don’t take the time to even think of whats coming out of that large, stupid mouth.

    Further, all of these claims you make, can’t be proven yet again! Same old “wobbly” tricks Orca, but then again, you aren’t smart enough to learn any others.

    It’s also interesting how you weave the whole deception , for one example, the comment concerning Irish and Don, when it was YOU and YOUR blog that was the battle ground for a good part of it.


    All of those you were in support of me and they were the bad people. How demonstrably “wobbly” of you Orca.

    Finally, I chuckled at your use of the term “rebellion” An interesting charge coming from you. Is that the term you use when a “free thinker” doesn’t agree with the fascist party line that prevailed then? The one that you supported, calling the leader of the oppressive regime, “The most important person in sailing ever”?

    It’s interesting that with all this talk you put out about people being free to think and do what they want, when its something you don’t agree with it’s evil, dangerous, wobbly and rebellious.

    What you are is a two faced, lying, establishment underling with a big mouth and little understanding of what even comes out of it, let alone the true reality of what actually surrounds you.

    Now I am done, and I know i have proven my point with again facts, and not your typical brand of drivel.


  7. Ugh fuck, now I’ve destroyed 1 hour of carefully written reply with one careless mouseclick … and don’t deem you worthy enough of so many thoughts anyway, so here goes just quickly:

    Your media empire: colour me impressed. Didn’t know you’re still going on with it.

    My support of you during the Seychelles, Don, Irish affair: Sorry but I really believed you were correct, actually I still think you were in that point. So tell me my posts were wrong at that time. And now use my support of your case against me, how very very typical for you. And how perfectly you’ve proven my point.

    But I actually totally forgot about my posts, was only chugging along in accordance with your purpose-made throwaway blogs. I still stand by everything I wrote tho. I can see no wobbblyness on my part: You’ll always find me on the good and fair side of things. Of things, Maiti, not of people! I show no loyalty to people. That’s a principle of mine, a strong and often very hurtful principle that cost me dearly.

    I refuse to acknowledge anything about fascist party lines and oppressive regimes when it comes from you. Because the only person here with a strong fascist undercurrent in all her writings is you. Calling me an establishment underling on one side and a entitlement happy freeloader on the other – in your very fascist writeup about your 2 houses and how much more worthy of having an own opinion it makes you – shows who’s the real two-faced person here, Maiti. And that is you! I’m maybe an establishment underling because I’m a premium member. But I gave up all my landholdings in excess of the free 512 because I’m not happy with LL’s land management. But I’m no freeloader and am in fact entitled to everything I say here or in world.

    Not everything I don’t agree with is evil, dangerous and rebellious. Absolutely not. I never said or claimed that. I hear other opinions and I object if I think they are wrong. That’s what we call a discussion over here in the free world. I know you don’t like it and are trying to steer everybody on your forum in a certain direction. Let’s establish that you’re a demagogue, a catcher of souls.

    What is this ‘true reality’ you speak of? What’s the difference to the ‘untrue reality’? Why and where can or can’t I see it?

    I guess my sight is clear enough. For example did I see you just lately making a killing from selling something you once received as a gift, and in the same action robbing it from the circle of life among the community. Now it’s gone thanks to you. It’s due to people like you and MTW that we can’t have nice things.


  8. You cant expect to be given nice things Orca. You have to earn them.

    But thats against your creed. You think because you are you, you deserve part of everything because its FAIR. There is no such thing as fair. One earns nice things. I’m not sure how you claim I have two houses, when I have one, however I assure you,EVERTHING I own is earned, not just demanded, like you do in real life.

    How revolting it is to see you complain and rip the German government, while having your hand out for the free dole once a year. To further insult the institution living in a hole like SA, while basically stealing money from Germany.

    My only hope is that the government smartens up to the influx of immigrants that will soon be taking infidel heads, and freeloaders like you, and cut you all off from funds.

    I’m sure that will shut you up for good.

    It’s also repulsive to see you constantly complain when the sites where you steal content from, are shut down. You don’t seem to care that it costs money to make these things such as movies, as long as Orca gets to steal the content.You are selfish, anti social, and a thief.

    Truly, you are a scumbag, there is no other way to express it. I truly hope that the people you are stealing from track your ass down and destroy you. Trust me anything i can find that helps in that endeavor , I will go out of my way to supply. and Orca, you would be very surprised what I have, and know already.

    I highly suggest you shut the fuck up. Understood?


    • Demanding and Earning: of course I have to earn anything, and that’s what I do in both lifes. And I don’t expect to get shit because I am me, how ridiculous, what a sick thought. Typical you to assume such shit.

      And of course there is a thing such as fairness. Not in your sick world, that’s for sure. But for the more civilized rest of us, we try to keep up the hope in and for humanity.

      Two houses I read in one of your many many blogs and other social things, don’t force me to snoop around and come up with lousy details. That’s not how it works, Maiti.

      Freeloading and Immigrants: WOW, now you’re overdoing being the big bad Maiti as you packed a lie about me plus some rascist shit about the refugees in one paragraph. Ok, let’s start with me: I’m not getting free dole, and certainly not once a year. I get paid monthly just like everybody else. And for sure not by the gov’ment but by the public health insurance. You know they love to pay me and even pay my retirement plan since as a caretaking family member I actually save them a lot of money, and I’m talking about a lot here. What I get once a year is a thankyou note + offers to attend free courses and advanced training courses. And I don’t even need to stick my hand out for that. By moving to the “hole” SA we’re saving the insurance even more money since we create far less costs here than we’d do in Germany. For example, we’re living in a little bungalow we own, while in Germany we’d need to live in a special handicapped accessible apartment and the insurance would pay much too high rent.

      What you’re calling so misanthropoical “immigrants” are in fact refugees, displaced people. These are suffering fellow humans fleeing from a situation that we – the spoiled west – have created in the first place. And don’t worry about my head rolling; as much as you’d enjoy that I’m not even close to where the action is. If I where you can be sure I’d be out in the streets, joining Silber in her attempt to help and protect the fugees from nazi scum.

      Ripping the Gov’ment: Again you’re showing the weakness of your dramaqueenish black/white thinking. I’m not against my gov’ment as such as I’m a huge fan of our democracy. I’m only against the people who are currently acting as gov’ment (Angie and her gang) since they are actively betraying the country and the people and should be in jail for high treason, all of them.

      Stealing: Didn’t I repeatedly tell my readers that I’m not making use of piracy methods if I can avoid it? And I don’t steal content from sites which are offering stolen content for free. You can’t steal from those then, it’s only logical. It’s called content sharing. The same as we did as teenagers when we borrowed and lent our vinyl LPs all through the school class and copied them on tape. But now as an adult I won’t even do that. Just because I know how doesn’t mean I’m necessarily doing it.

      And how typical of a smallminded person such as you to again willingly confuse two totally differnt things and try to deny my right to express my opinion freely just because you think you might have some dirt on me in a totally unrelated affair. /me shakes head.

      And , no, I wouldn’t be surprised about what you know. As what I know is that you love to snoop around and collect details from other people about business that doesn’t concern you, in order to blackmail them, as you’re trying to do with me right now. Ridiculous. Hopeless too, as I’m on Linux. And sick, and mean. Why don’t you go and vote for that clown Trump, he’s right up your alley in his nauseating loathsomeness.

      Yes, I understood you’re a disgusting person and I won’t shut the fuck up.


  9. Oh, forgot one of your typical rethorical misfires from earlier in this unpleasant conversation:

    »Competitive Sailing is not the most important part of sailing. Its only part of it. Clubs are not, its people. People are the most important part of sailing, you know, the same people you very publicly say you have no interest in knowing or meeting. Yet you still presume to be one of the spokespeople for all of sailing – shame on you. Anti sailing, anti people, anti social.«

    Of course you’re right. For 99% of RL sailors competitive sailing plays absolutely no role. Neither do yacht clubs. But in the context of SL it’s everything! The SL sailing community is based on yacht clubs and yacht clubs were founded for organising sailraces. It’s still the heart and soul of SL sailing, up to today.

    And people are the least important part of every kind of sailing. Even as a cruiser you meet one, maybe two other skippers in the marina on a friday evening, while loading up your boat. You exchange some short words about their plans and destinations for the weekend, the weather and wind … and that’s it. Gone and forgotten. Maybe you meet then again on sunday night, same spiel again: hello, how was it, where you been, terrible weather eh, oh yes, beautiful little harbour … yadda yadda yadda … bye see ya next week (probably not, as you’ve never seen them before in the giant marina).

    Sailors aren’t very sociable people, let’s face it. And me, my friends list is much too full anyway, so I don’t need any more acquainteces. That’s what I wanted to say with my comment about not being too keen on meeting most sailors. Particularly not the bunch coming out of your idological pressure cooker. But who gives a fuck anyway?

    How very presumptuous of you to assume that I see myself as a spokesperson for all of sailing. Where do get those stupid ideas from? How could you even think I might be interested in being anything like that? Little unsociable me?? I’m just a little sailorgirl, RD and clubmanager on sabbatical, maybe even gone forever. What business would I have with LL besides begging for more ocean sims and open waterways and less banlines and sec orbs. But no, too much labour and I’m -as you said – not very well versed in the science of diplomacy (gosh, I hate it), so I’d not make a good spokesperson anyway.

    Wouldn’t even know we had something like spokespeople. If there is one person who grabbed that post it would be MTW … for his very own reasons. I guess community didn’t play a huge part in his decision.


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