Sooo, You Think Building a Computer is Too Hard For You???


As we all witnesseed a couple monthies ago the halfwit Orca did it, kinda semi-successfully and with some assistence, and now let me present to you Kyle’s wife building her first own computer. What’s so special about that you ask? Well, Kyle was drunk out of his mind so his teaching and assistence wasn’t really as helpful as he intended it to be. So it’s a friggin wonder poor Heather managed to assemble a functional computer despite Kyle’s “help”.

I wanted to type enjoy but this vid is too painful to watch. 😮

Anyway, what have we learned from this cathartic experience, girls?

Boys are useless and you can do so much better without their supposed attempt to ‘help’ or ‘teach’ you something. They are ok as long as they are sober and produce kinda well-composed video tutorials. The best thing about those is, you can stop the video at any time in order to catch up … and the guy in the video won’t talk back to you or touch you in inappropriate places.

But whatever you do, don’t use this video as your build-guide!

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