Fedora 22: Maybe It’s Good … Not For Me Tho

Today’s test candidate is Fedora 22: Thumbs up or down for this old primary rock of the Linux world?

Fedora was and still is always regarded as the crash test dummy distro for its big commercial sibling RedHat Linux. It’s comunity driven and all, a real pure GNU/Linux distro, still they are somehow forced by Red Hat to do all the experimental stuff and to serve as a testbed for new applications. So despite Fedora’s long long tradition it’s kinda new and surprising every 6 months when the latest edition comes out. So what we have here is a totally new distro.


Still I felt it was time for little Orca to break out of her Ubuntu/Debian/Arch circle and look at a totally different Linux from a different Linux world. So yes, I grabbed me a copy of the All American Superstar Linux Fedora. As in  every new rendition Fedora 22 caused quite a huge hullabaloo with all the newness in and around it. It was met with glowing reviews and everybody seems to love it or be at least kinda impartial about it. But I didn’t see any really bad condemning reviews of Fedora 22. So, yes, as I said I installed it on my new very capable distro testing machine. And no, I didn’t fake it, I didn’t just try it out in Life mode or in a virtual machine but I truly and indeed installed it on the hard drive.

Here’s the proof:

Fedora22And here is my first and most aggravating problem with Fedora 22, respectively with its Gnome3 desktop environment: For a simple screenshot I had to click thru 4 menus … only to find out the screenshot wasn’t saved to the desktop, eventhough I particularly clicked on desktop as save location. I tried it many times, and I’m quite sure there are some screenshots saved somewhere in the underbelly of the system. Only I don’t know where. And quite honestly I don’t feel like I’m supposed to spend more than 3 seconds looking for them, or even thinking about where they might be.

So I just grabbed my terrible camera and snapped a pic of the whole setup. 😉 But let’s go into the details now:

  • Installation was a bit different from what I’m used to. It all seemed a bit illogical and inconsistent but the whole thing went fast and installed without a single hitch. No rocket science needed to ban Fedora onto your harddrive.
  • The system itself seemed quite responsive and fast for me, so I guess Fedora/Red Hat’s base is quite sound.
  • The desktop … ya, well. I know there are some community efforts to put other desktops onto the Fedora kernel but the standard distro comes with Gnome3, which I hatehatehate! With a vengeance. Sorry, but that’s how I roll. 😮

Oh, and I’m not the only one, as there is kinda holy war going on inside the Linux community. While a small minority thinks Gnome 3 is the best thing since sliced bread, most users and devs and distro retainers think Red Hat’s Gnome 3 devs have lost contact with reality. That’s why you won’t find the Gnome 3 desktop in any of the Linux Mint distros. And Mint is the super star distro since years, no less. Well, they made a Gnome3 fork of their own, the much more likeable Cinnamon desktop, which is a favourite of the masses, unlike it’s ill-conceived mothership. Even Linus Torvalds, the grey eminence, was super angry at Gnome 3. Ok, meanwhile he’s using Red Hat/Gnome3 himself (probably because Red Hat are signing his paycheck) but he still doesn’t think highly of the Gnome 3 devs.

Okay, all those internal dramas aren’t our problem and not our business, not at all. We are still looking for a nice and easy Linux distro for our museum hardware and our rusty, ungeeky brains. Maybe, just maybe, if you’re starting as a total n00b, coming fresh fom Win XP or 7, maybe you get used to Gnome 3’s way of operation, maybe you get used to it quite quickly and in a couple of days you’ll find every other Linux desktop to be clunky and behind the times. I mean we all started as total clueless n00bs once, didn’t we, and still we got used to a plonker of an OS  like Windows.

But try Fed22 out, and if you have a modicum of sense of how stuff’s supposed to work in Linux, you’ll be super pissed off with its Gnome 3 desktop. Even with this already much better new version it’s still a hot mess.

But their website looks quite professional:


Sorry again. I tried to keep an open mind and all but I’m only a stupid user, not a developer or a code monkey, just a user. Which means I’m supposed to use a Linux distro, not master it. Heck, I’m not even supposed to master it. Particularly Gnome 3 wants me to operate my Linux DE rather hands-off and don’t get too involved with the inner workings. That’s why they took away lots of stuff where we users had influence over and could tune and tweak our desktops to our individual likings. Not anymore.

Ok, so be it, keep an open mind, Orcsi, be positive, give Gnome3 a fair chance. Free your mind, your ass will follow … haha. Next thing I know is Orca falling flat on her face. 😮


So, now that I have no choices anymore I should expect a super easy to use desktop environment, right? Well, not according to the Gnome3 dev team. Bereft of features doesn’t translate to ease of use for them. So the experience we get from Gnome3 isn’t like on a Mac … heck, even Windows is a dream of usability compared to Gnome3.


And here’s a review video about Fedora22, by Infinitely Galactic. He tried to stay impartial as well and he’s much more open minded and diplomatic than me but he doesn’t seem to be very happy with Fed22 neither:


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