I Could Swear …


… I already made a post about Le Mont Saint Michel a couple years ago, but nothing could be found in my old Google blog. Ok, guess my failing memory is showing my advanced age (gonna be 39k next year) but I remember I have been to Mont Saint Michel before and took lots of photos. Oh yes, of course, we went there in RL, but yes, in SL I was there as well!

MSM_001Anyway, I also remember MSM being an impressive build, particularly in the time it was made. That was before sculpties and even more resource friendly mesh builds. I bet MSM was one of the – if not the – most detailed big builds. A fukn work of art, and one to walk around in and feel the atmosphere of this little village around a huge cathedral on a little rock in the French Atlantic tidal waters. During low ebb you can walk or drive or ride to MSM and even park your car on the ocean ground. As there isn’t enough parking for the many tourists you even must park outside.

MSM_008So, why am I posting about this very old SL landmark just now? Well, if you’re not dwelling under a rock you might’ve read in various other blogs (yes, there are other SL blogs in existence! Shocking, I know. Who would do something stupid like blogging a real blog with real words about a virtual world?) that said Mont Saint Michel is closing it’s virtual gates at the end of the month.This month … or next? Hm, I didn’t pay attention but I know it’s at the end of a month. πŸ˜‰

MSM_007But no reason to fret, it’s just the circle of life I guess. Stuff is made, stuff gets abolished, there’s a time to saw, a time to reap, a time to be born, a time to die. Particularly in SL you can be positively sure there is no real demolition of real medieval stones gonna happen. What we all know and love as the MSM in SL was actually never more than just some pixels on your computer screen anyway.

MSM_006And now you have still a little time to go there, snap the best photos you ever made, and keep MSM alive in your memory.

MSM_005Look, this is what happens if you have more photos than words …

MSM_004Particularly when all your photos are all of the same subject.

MSM_003You gotta stretch your text thin, and sprinkle it sparsely in between the flood of photos.

MSM_002But then you come to an end and can say Pheeew, I made it. Another cool blogpost under my belt. πŸ˜‰



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