Architect Installer for Arch Linux

I know that you know that I can’t stand to look at any wallpaper for much longer than one day. That’s why my collection of mostly anime themed wallpapers is right now at 400something, trending at 500. And that is stupid. Not only must I shuffle the whole bunch over into the backgrounds folder/file on my computer, I’m asking myself Why? Why the fuck am I doing this? Most of those pics aren’t that great to begin with and even the good ones start to bore me.

Cultish anime: Samurai Champloo

So I started a new collection of background graphics. And since I’m on this new system since like 2 days already have 4 or so pics. Hm, no, it’s 8. Ok, call me a manic depressive but putting silly pictures on my screen is one of the very few things that make me truly happy.

Dunno why exactly but this is one of Hubby’s favourite anime: Girls und Panzer
Moscow by Night
More Pikachu
Pikachu kawai overkill!
Arch Linux is simple (according to almost nobody)

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