Wasn’t Pefectly Happy Yet

Ya, did you know your Orcsi was a nitpicking perfectonist deeply hidden in her subconscius? Well, I knew it, and I never tried to hide it. It’s just the general perception of me that makes people think I might be a sloppy hippie. Anyways, I wrote about the Architect Linux Installer and how happy I was with it, right? Well, I lied. Just a little tho. I was indeed very happy with Architect but … we received some error messages during the installation and lateron I was kicked out off SL and coudn’t reconnect, not even re-download and re-installation helped. And then there was this other problem, that the whole system on my netbook froze in like every hour or so.

But I knew Arch Linux is worth every amount of labour one puts into it, it’s that great! So I decided to install the whole circus again. Totally wipe the hard drive, format everything and start all over again. Of course I failed twice but at the third time … oh wonder! … with the magical help of the Architect Linux Installer I managed to put Arch on my platter without a hitch, without a single hickup. Everything went smooth, no error messages, no weird behaviour. Super.

Making the good even better, perfecting the perfect, shutting up my inner nagging bitch.

My Linux Fu is stronger!

Only now I can say I’m truly satisfied and happy. I knew boys can get nerdgasms but I always thought we girls aren’t mentally able to experience anything in that regard, but it’s a truly uplifting emotion I’m feeling right now. Hmmm, maybe I’m ooooooh …. uh uh uh … yeyeyeyeeeeeeeeeee …….



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