Grab Your Very Own FJDay Poster/Sign/Flag/Whatever … Graphic

So, as I already mentioned earlier the Francois Jacques Day 2015 is upon us, 24th and 25th October to be more exact. So you still have time to organize your activity in this 24 hours multiclub, multicontinent, multicommunity, multimulti event. Béa was so nice to prepare a graphic for all of us to use as poster or flag or just a huge sign to plant at the location of your activity. Here it is:


Alternatively you can grab it off the WTWB Forum, the first and only, the official forum and web presence of the SL Sailing Community. But much more important: Go and organize something, some fun event. A race, a cruise, a party, a hunt, show others what you do in SL apart from sailing. And then get your event into the schedule and use this graphic as a sign of your very own FJDay activity. \o/ YAY! \o/

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