Frustration … And How To Deal With It

Do you know how it feels when the two most important people in your life (PC repair lady and car mechanic) just won’t call you – not even with updates or a short heads up – and the third most important person (significant other, husband) strongly recommends not to call them (»you don’t wanna appear desperate«) and you’re restricted to sit at home and sulk and cry bitter tears of disappointment in your breakfast cereal?

Well, I can tell you it feels not too great, actually feels pretty crappy. I feel so powerless and useless right now. I have ants in my ass and nowhere to go, nothing I can do against that nagging feeling I need to scratch myself. :..(

So I just waste the time by doing some housework, which is not very satisfying, and surfing the interwebz and forums. And exactly there, in a Linux forum, I found  following alarming XKCD strip that warns us about the dangers of Linux. Particularly for overly eager beginners it often turns into a slippery slope into the abyss of despair …

urlIn my case it’s wayyyyy too late. But then I don’t have parents having an eye on me or talking sense into me (which they tried sometimes but it is weird since I’m not a 14 y/o preggers teenager) and I’m not so geeky to compile the holy kernel myself. Actually never compiled anything, not even too sure what compile means. If I run into probs with Linux I simply re-install or install a different distro instead of trying to fix anything. So far it works out great and I have 2 or 3 nuclear bomb proof Linuxes that I keep always on hand as fallback systems, so I have a working system as soon as 5 minutes after the apocalypse. Because that’s important, as I told you I must go on blogging even if I’m the last living person on earth.

Ok, breakfast time, my muesli is calling me …

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