Free Software = Software Freedom

Heyas, just a couple quick newnesses about our favourite topic on these pages: GNU/Linux. 😉

  • Sept. 19 was International Software Freedom Day.

Woah, did you know nowadays it’s obviously not enough to try out Linux on your otherwise defunct museum hardware and maybe use it every day but that we must celebrate it?


  • Microsoft – yes that Micro$oft – is running its cloud on … Linux!

Did they finally face the realities of life? Linux is running the digital world in all aspects, so why not at Microsoft as well?

  • Do you really need your overpriced Adobe PhotoShop? explores some professional FOSS graphics softwarez that run on Linux. So there goes one of the most used arguments why people can’t switch to Linux.


Meanwhile at the editrixes house …

MintAgain… what is that lurking in the darkened home office there? Yes, right, it’s my good old indestructible Linux Mint 17.2 on OrcNet. Wasn’t I so over the moon happy with Point Linux just yesterday? Yes I was. And now I’m not. That tidbit of information must be enuff for now, since I dunno myself what happened. I guess it’s not Linux’ fault but OrcNet, my crappy Acer netbook, not being able to run anything but grrrr Windows and Ubuntu based wannabe Linuxes.

More about that affair once I know more myself.

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