The Lab Said I Couldn’t

… or at least I shoudn’t. Not really. The message was loud and clear, my OrcNet (you know him by now) doesn’t even fullfill the minimum hardware requirements and according to them I should be forbidden to ever enter the holy SL grid with this silly machine. Ja ja, okay, I got it. Received the same panic stricken alerts when I first logged into SL in January of 07, with a laptop a hundred times worse than my little netbook. My connection? Ugh, forget it. DSL 192 ain’t even regarded minimum internet speed nowadays. Yes, experience was crap, SL was ugly and crashy and sailing was horrid. But back then SL wasn’t much better than my notebook so I lived with it. And got used to crashing out of races, bumping into invisible boats and getting DSQed very often.

Oh Hi. I’m in! I’m in!!! And not even looking too shabby.

Well, time went on, SL and my personal hardware matured and became ever better. Only thing not up to speed, excempt from evolution, not learning new tricks is yours truly. Yes, Orca is the same old haphazard happy go lucky fraggle she was on day one. So today, although knowing I shouldn’t really do it, I downloaded Singularity viewer and logged in world. 😮

FPS are not bad either on minimal graphics settings and on my empty skyplat in 4000 meters height.

And what shall I tell you? It wasn’t half as bad … no wait. Corrcection: It was bad. Fucking bad. But not as bad as I feared, not as bad as prophesized by the lab, not bad enuff for OrcNet to assplode or die the gruesome overheating death. I was in world for roundabout 10 minutes and my netbook didn’t show any signs of overheating.

Down on groundlevel things looked differently. It wasn’t really a lagfest as much as just bad FPS and stuffz took awfully long to render on my screen.

So, yes, if you really must, if you have super urgent stuffz to do while you’re not near your good desktop PC there is no reason why you shouldn’t connect with totally inappropriate hardware. For a bit of chatting, deleting group notices and IMs one doesn’t need a monster gaming computer. I wouldn’t try to attend the next LCC cruise on OrcNet tho. 😉

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