Now I Had It!!!

… with my fancy little netbook. My formerly beloved weakling computer OrcNet acted up today when I tried to install a very harmless and famous Linux distro. A distro like custom made particularly for little Acer divas: Linux Lite. Sometimes OrcNet used to start up but didn’t go further, mostly  just got an annoying error message about a KERNEL PANIC! 😮

Huh, wotz dat? Datz wayyyy beyond my grasp, way above my pretty little head … just too geeky for me. I can’t have my machinery giving me shit, can I? I mean who’s werking for whom here, eh?

Soooooooo …

Kernel Panic! 😮 Go in the garden OrcNet, you’re drunk.

… I banned OrcNet and sent him out. In the garden where nobody can hear him scream in panic. So he could cool off his temper and get a hold of himself. After a while I let him back in and tried another Operating System: Point Linux, also a kinda lightweight and speedy software which I’m moving into just now, as I type this. Yes, you’re right, I already blogged about Point Linux but today I installed its other flavour, the MATE desktop environment in naked version. This ultralight version comes with NO software packages installed; no office, no graphics editor, no torrent downloader, no internet browser, no nothing. That’s why I said I’m moving in as I install all the software that I want right now. So far everything looks groovy and I can even blog a bit. This is fairly cool! Feeling like a little kid in the candy store right now, and can fill up my empty boot with all the goodies I so love and am not weighed down by shit I don’t need and want.

Forgotten is OrcNet’s misbehaviour of earlier today, right now it’s the bestest and niftiest little computer in the universe!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-19 20:01:01
I love the smell of fresh Linux installs in the morning.

Do I dare a squeal of glee? Or is it still too early to triumphantly shout out »WHOOHOOOOOOO!!!«?

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