National OS. Huh? A What?

Totally Off Topic: Day 3 and still no sign of getting any of my lovelies back. No call by the computer repair lesbian nor the car mechanic and his electrician minion, so I can just hope MiniMax and Turdy are still well cared for. Hubby told me – very strictly – I must not call any of ’em since they will call once their work is done. Oooooh, phfff …


Anyhoo, on with the blog show. Linux again. Yeah, I know, but I really shouldn’t log in world if I don’t wanna lose OrcNet due to an overheating accident. So I just try to edutain you with some Linuxy shit. Today I’ll just provide you with a link to the It’s F.O.S.S. blog. Rather interesting that some countries, for whatever reasons are working on national (as in state owned) operating systems. We’ve already seen various European cities switching their administrative programs to Open Source software but whole countries making it a national thing is kinda new. Anyway, Abhishek has found some actual examples of countries with their own national Linux distros. Mostly so-called communist countries, as was to be expected. Cool, so they are actually into the sharing mindset. But I see India is also developing a national OS. That’s the other reason for countries to back off of Microsoft and Apple: Independence from overwhelming, demanding and diva-esque American shit.

But read the article for yourself.

Oh, by the way, wasn’t it young Orcsi who once stated in her overly dramatic and rebellious, but still very cute way that she imagines GNU/Linux as the World’s Declaration of Independence, as a sign of emancipation, a coming of age in an effort to break free from the fever dreams of only 2 highly sociopathic computer geniuses? Yes, it was she, our hero, the great leader of the revolu… Ugh. No? I’m going too far now? Overdoing stuff as usual? Okay. :/

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