Sick Puppy

Aaaaaw, sniff, boohoo. :..(

SickPuppyMiniMax does look like really sick, doesn’t he? All stripped down n dusty n stuff. But I can assure you the looks are deceiving as this machine – my lovely little big rig – is well taken care of. From its first day up to now and in the future as well. Ok, the dust, yaya, it’ll be gone in  a couple of minutes. This machine is sick on a whole different level, a level shrouded in secrets and darkness, so obscure neither stupid me nor even stupiderer husband can figure it out. The problem is that MiniMax refuses to let me install all the clever and geeky Linux Operation Systems onto his fragile computer mind. He only accepts the rather stupid and beginners friendly Ubuntu derivatives. We’re at he end of our combined wits, and forums aren’t of much help neither, since my case is virtually unknown in the Linux world. Fukit, not even my personal Linux guruine was of much help. Other than the usual helpline platitudes that everybody knows by heart I couldn’t get anything out of her. Put the ISO file on a different stick, format USB stick and SSD both with Gparted before install, disable Fast Boot, enable legacy BIOS … as if we hadn’t tried all those tricks already.

Before I tell you what I think about the problem let me give you the symptoms:

  • I can’t install any Arch based Linux distros anymore. Not only Manjaro but Antergos giving me fukn problems as well.
  • No problem at all installing Ubuntu based Linux distros.
  • Sometimes MiniMax lets me install the OS but it just won’t stick. Once I reboot the machine after install there is nothing on it and it asks for a bootable device. 😮
  • MiniMax tells me there is something wrong with the bootloader.
  • I can’t even partition the SSD in Gparted anymore without getting a lot of error messages.

So my expert diagnosis: I fear the motherboard is somehow borked. Maybe the Master Boot Sector is already overloaded, which I can hardly believe or it just couldn’t stand the abuse of having to deal with Linux anymore. Definately all Arch installations fail loading the boot loader … for whatever reasons. Grrr. 😦 Guess it’s a mix, a multitude of problems, software as well as hardware related. The usual shit, as we all know in computers and in cars problems like company. They always come in pairs, even better in whole, loosely related, groups. Anyhoo I’m gonna take MiniMax now on a short ride to my computer repair lady where it will probably stay for a couple days. For he’ll surely need some rehabilitation measurements after the initial operation. Yeah, she’s known for whipping her patients through a rigid workout regime with 24- and 48 hours load tests and stuffz. I hope it’ll be faster but until I get my MiniMax back I can’t promise to deliver a very steady blog output.

DSCN1066My little Acer netbook, OrcNet, to the rescue. Yes, of course it worx. Yes, of course I can blog on it. Yes, I even can log into SL for a little while, long enough to sort my mail, grab some LMs or chat a bit. Of course I can do all the stuff on it I usually do on MiniMax but … it somehow just isn’t the same. The feeling’s gone. OrcNet just doesn’t love me back like MiniMax does. Anybody who ever was forced to type lengthy texts on a cheapo Acer laptop keyboard can verify that. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

CYA at the next blogpost. Until then byeeeeeeeee. 😉


  1. might be a dumb question, but have you tried a factory reset of BIOS or done any bios fuddling at all? I know my BIOS has to be told to allow to boot from usb and wich usb ports are bootable and even more specifics. But I’m guessing Guru already suggested bios


    • Yes, so she did, and so did I as well, and I acted accordingly. Activate legacy BIOS, disable Fast Boot, all that crappola. Until, it wqas so bad the compute just started without showing the BIOS at all. Well, I guess I haven’t tried resetting it to factory default.

      Lemme try it quickly … and thx for the hint. xoxoxoxox


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