Fumbled the Job

Ya, I was happy, ya, I was sooooo looking forward to my new Manjaro MATE installation. Coz that’s Linux how it’s sposed to be, that’s my fave Linux environment on which I was happy for quite a while until the Manjaro guy responsible for MATE went awol. Well, now it’s back and I was super excited and feeling smug n all … but then … but then disaster struck. Unforseeable. Unfair. Without any logic my computer – my cool new MiniMax wondermachine – refused to install … no, not refused to install, he refused to get even his arse up and go into the live version of Manjaro, from which you usually start the installation process. WHYYYY??? O why??? Even my stupid useless little Acer netbook can do that trick and even install the system like a boss. But not my personal best super computer??? WTF?

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-09-03 07-29-47
Nobody say you gotta use a terminal and geeky command lines in Linux: Here I download + install software with 1 mouseclick. Do that in Windoze, I dare you!

Tried everything: re-download the ISO file, completely wipe the SSD, try all kinda tricks known to womankind … to no avail. Every time I try to start the computer from the USB stick it refuses to jump over a certain hurdle. Something MHWD live media – the last hurdle before the desktop pops up – goes BUMP in the night and leaves me with a black screen where Manjaro in all its glory is supposed to be. You see kids, it happens to the best of us … and to the most stupid Orca as well. 😉

Pick and use. Even the most advanced “pirate tools” are super easy to get in Linux. Why am I showing you these completely unrelated photos? Easy, so I don’t look like a total loser.

So after countless hours of failed attempts and crying a little I came to the conclusion to crawl back to Antergos/Cinnamon. It’s nice enough, even if missing some very important parts, and will serve me as a functioning work platform until I have my people figuring out why my machine refuses to do its job. So, this is what I’m looking at right now:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-09-03 08-16-12
Arch trying to play nice: Antergos Cinnamon edition.

Nice clean, uncluttered desktop isn’t it? And yes, even if it doesn’t look the part, it is functional. Kindasorta. Maybe the Antergos makers intended to make it soooo fukn easy to use for mom’n’dad they forgot the powerusers altogether. Well, for me it’s not enough, for me it’s crap. So again I’m gonna ask my guruine for help and enlightenment. But for now, until a solution has been found for my dilemma, this has to do.

/me runs off to Singularity’s website in order to download my fave SL viewer …


  1. How did you create the bootable usb media? I recommend to use a freshly formatted! usb media for this plus using suse imagewrter to wrte the iso file to it, stuff like unetbootin will not work, not formatting the usb media previously to writing might result in problems too.

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    • Hallo Jeannie, ist doch Ehrensache dass ich die USB sticks vor Gebrauch formatiere. Ich benutze meistens den USB Macher von Mint, der kommt in 2 Teilen, Formatierer und Boot creator und ist immer gut.

      Außerdem bereite ich die SSD mit GParted vor, obwohl die bei der Installation sowieso gelöscht wird.

      Manchmal benutzen wir Susi Studio wenn Hubby das macht. Oder neuerdings den USB Ersteller von Kubuntu.

      Ich kann dir aber vergewissern, dass mit dem Stick alles in Ordnung ist, weil er z.B. auf dem Netbook ohne Probleme in die live Umgebung hochfÀhrt und auch installiert. Das muss iwas mit der SSD sein oder so. Andererseits nööö, denn ich kann alles Mögliche installieren, nur eben Manjaro nicht.


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