Oh bitch, what did you do???

Since I just quoted from the Linuxed blog a couple days ago that Arindam Sen found his Mint 17.1 distro with Cinnamon desktop so stable and reliable that it was almost boring for him, and I wholeheartedly supported that opinion and even stated that this is exactly what everybody should expect from a workhorse operating system, I had some time to think. And think a bit more … and so I decided to toss my Mint OS. 😮 Boring is nice and all but boring for no reason is well, crap.

Well, hear me out please for I wasn’t just following a whim but I had my very good reasons. Other reasons than just boredom, believe me. In fact, as it so happened, my super stable Minty OS started to act up. Yes, again. So I decided to fuck that amateurish beginner crap and go for an adult system for grown up bloggeristas and wannabe Linux experts. LOL, as if. But I really did. And this time I didn’t even use my tiny netbook as test bunny, since the stupid thing refuses to install anything else but Ubuntu based Linuxes, and went straight for an operation on the open heart of my main machine. Yes, the one where I play SL on and do my blogging. Full risk and everything. But I prepared the computer first, in order to avoid any fukups.

First I took out the old mechanical Western Digital 1 TB hard drive since it’s redundant anyway. No need for a 3rd backup of our data. Also I had the feeling it was sometimes confusing the computer. So in order to gain more stability and more speed that old thing had to go. We’ll surely find a new place for it in some future build … or not. Meh. So, with that out of the way, I used the opportunity for a bunny hunt. Dustbunnies that is. 😉

Random dust bunny, not from Orca’s PC.

Once the hardware was sorted I went on installing a distro I always failed to install on the Acer netbook, since it’s a Arch Linux distribution. No, not Manjaro, kinda pissed off with that. I went for Antergos, a  distro even closer to the Arch base and with many desktops to chose from, all in one ISO. That’s so cool since you don’t need to download new ISOs for different desktops. You chose right at the start of installation. 5 or 6 DEs to choose from is pretty cool, and even cooler one of them is my beloved MATE. Whoohoo, finally, after the MATE developer at Manjaro kinda disappeared and nobody’s caring anymore, there’s another modern Arch Linux with MATE. \o/ Fuck YAY! \o/


Installation went super smooth, due to my meticulous preparations? Anyway, all went very well. Unfortunately the Antergos retainer(s) treated their MATE version relatively loveless and once I installed it I found it more or less unusable. That or I was blind. The chances are like 50/50. Anyhoo, what a minor disaster. Well, luckily there are more DEs to choose from, and even without the need to download another ISO file. Super. So I dismissed some of the Desktop environments they offered me there and wanted to stay in known territory. That left me pretty much with 2 choices: Xfce and Cinnamon. Both from their appearance pretty close to MATE, although very different under the hood. Hmm, not a huge fan of Xfce with its stupid Whiskers menu and other lightweight stuff. So I decided on the Cinnamon desktop, the beautiful bastard as my Linux guruine, Jean Horten, calls it.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-08-31 19-51-57

Well, Cinnamon is a development of the Mint team, and these guys are sooo good in making super GUIs. Sadly their own Mint version of Cinnamon always breaks down after a while but maybe hopefully the foreign Arch environment is more friendly than Mint’s Ubuntu core.

Anyways, voila, I present to you my brand new, yet fully operational Operating system:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-08-31 18-30-32Not so new that I didn’t get my collection of mostly anime walllpapers installed. Ya, I always do that pretty much immediately after the installation is finished. And only then do I care about the first update and finetuning of the system. By now my desktop already looks very different from the screenshot. 😉

Conclusion time: Was that new Arch system worth a couple hours of clueless geekery? YES! Yes, yes, absofuknlutely!!! Due to the Arch Linux base the computer runs like greased lightning and I gained multiple points on the bragging rights scala. A Cinnamon DE on Arch base you won’t see every day. Now I’m just so curious how this pairing will work in the long run. If it’s rock solid stable I guess I may have found my future home. More probably you’ll read yet another story of try and fail in a couple days here in this very blog. But for now, right now, everything is groovy baby. 😉


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