What Happened to Linuxed?

Arindam Sen used to be one of my favourite Linux distro reviewers, cause he just did his articles quietly, yet reasonable and with just the right amount of fanboy-ism and scepticism when it was about new distros. He worked pretty systematically, told us exactly about his Asus lappy and its capabilities before he installed a new distro on it. He also told us about problems he was running into and didn’t quietly push the negatives aside.

parametersAs a special service Arindam even rated the distro’s individual parameters on a scale of 1 -10, which is/was pretty comfy for the readers. So, compared to most YouTube and blog loudmouthes he just did what his blog was supposed to be about. Exploring Linux distros. Not more, not less.


Then suddenly, in early 2015, there was a big gap in his publishing schedule, which I found not to be particularly worrisome. Blogs come, blogs go. People lose interest or think their work is done or or or. When Mr. Sen published his next article – about Ubu 15.04 – he even explained why he didn’t write anything in quite a while. It was his private life, of course, as you can read for yourself. He talked about a big move from India to the states and a new job but who wants to know about that? Give us the lowdown on Linux, man! Anyhoo, I thought in my usual naivety, that after that break we’ll have Arindam’s thoughtful reviews back as a beacon to guide us through the rough Linux seas. Obviously I was wrong. As this Ubu 15.04 review was obviously his swansong. Now I hear people around the Blake Sea smiling smug, mumbling half-crazed to themself »Ha, I knew it, the bitch was wrong all along in all aspects and every sense and everything she ever said or typed!«

At least you might hear her. I can’t since I muted that negative and destructive monster long ago. Pfff, not that I let those idiots worry me but they are correct in one point: I’m overly naive I guess, stubbornly refusing to delete the Linuxed blog from my daily reading list, and still hoping for Arindam Sen’s comeback on the scene. But even if he doesn’t come back, we learned something else from his last blog entry, something I’m trying to tell my readers as well … with little to no success. Listen to this excerpt:

»Further, my Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon is running absolutely stable to the point of boredom that I didn’t feel to try out any other distro.«

So. There you have it. Linux Mint is great! So great and free of trubbels it’s almost boring. Ubuntu on steroids, with golden glitter and ralley stripes. Orca uses it as well. She might try out the more crazy and experimental distributions from time to time on her silly netbook, but on her battleship desktop computer she trusts in the Minty goodness and user friendlyness.

Anyhoo, I’m rambling. So back to Linuxed. If anyone of you happens to know Mr. Arindam Sen from Bangalore, India resp. Chicago, Il. USA, please tell him he has at least one fangirl on the interwebz, so he must go on reviewing Linux distros. The world needs more people like him and Abhishek Prakash. In other words, we need more clever Indians to tell us about the wonders of GNU/Linux and Free and Open Source software.


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