Twice as Nice Newness

Whoohoo, what a great time to be alive, ain’t it?

Orca’s spreading the news as she received them from ZZ Foneco Bottom. Had no idea about what to blog today so I reduced my blog activities to being just a news aggregator. Can’t be original all the time sadly. But luckily I got “my people” doing that for me. 😉secondlife

Newness one: Inara Pey reports about no more VAT on Premium membership fees! Effective immediately. Oh, and also the monthly fee is reduced from 9.95 to incredibly cheap 9.50 US$. Woah, big savings. 😉 Read all about the new dealio directly from Linden Lab’s site.



Second newness is a bit more specific and only interesting for when you are a Cricket fan on any sort of Ubuntu based Linux. I guess this mostly includes SAfricans, Kiwis, Ozzies, Brits (incl. Windies, Scots and Wales), Indian Indians, Pakis and Froggies. Americans need not apply. 😉 It’s F.O.S.S.‘s Abhishek Prakash found a way to show Cricket scores with an applet on Ubuntu panel. No need to check various websites anymore. This is pretty cool and fast info, just as fans of this dynamic sport like it.


    • And yet you deliver a very nice service that saves other lazy bloggers like me a lot of time running around and digging for material. xoxoxox


    • Woah, congratz Q on winning the ashes. I didn’t get anything since I’m personally not very interested in Cricket. My hubby is, and he activated that applet already on his computer. Unfortunately he’s on KDE desktop where it doesn’t seem to work. But he even had to correct me about confusing cricket with rugby, else I wouldn’t have named the froggies in my article. :/


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