How Is That Still A Thing?

Sorry for borrowing the post title from a funny TV show segment but that was really and in fact my first thought when I came across this clusterfuck:

schrott_001Yes, you see quite correctly. Yes, these stranded vehicles all belong to the most infamous resident AnnMarie OToole’s robocar service. Yes, they are piled up along the roadside for some or the other technical reason. Yes, it’s a fukn eyesore. Yes, nobody, and I mean really nobody as in not a single SL resident likes these sights. Yes, you thought AnnMarie was warned to stop her bullshit taxi service, so did I. Yes, most of us maybe even hoped her silly vehicles were banned from the grid.

Obviously all our hopes and good thoughts were shit … and wrong and hopeless.

I’m asking now if 99.999999% of Second Life’s population think Mrs. OToole’s botcar service has to be stopped, if noone likes it, not even the idea of it, if pretty much everybody wants to see it gone, since years already, if there have been petitions and townhall meetings, if Lindens got involved, if an overwhelming majority of dearly paying landowners are suffering from that crap … how the fucking fuck is it still a thing???

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