Today’s the Day After

Don’t think this whole Win10 affair leaves the rest of the universe entirely untouched. Win10 is fukn FREE y’all!! PAAAARTYYYY!!!

FreeWin10ForeverIt even effects us Xers in some way or the other.LinuxUserTodayOnly the most awkwardly backwards technological troglodytes, who live in stone age valley, seem to have escaped unharmed.

vistaWhile all you M$ disciples are going thru the usual bullshit quests …

SomethingHappened… most just decide to sit it out …

Win10Installation… and hope for the best …

better On some part of the residency of our planet the whole Windoze crappola seems to have no influence … at all.

Win10CatBut honestly now, please let me and the rest of Orcablog readers know how did it go for you? Did you update or a fresh re-install? Any probs during the process? And how is Win10, does it everything they said it will do? Does it reach Linux’s niftyness … at least in parts or is it still the typical Winshit?


  1. I don’t think about updating untill the 1 year period of a free update to Windows 10 is over. Windows 10 doesn’t seem to bring usefull new features for me. So why risk in my case to update from a fine working Windows 7 to Windows 10. I just don’t see reason to be in a rush.


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