Today’s the Day!

Not that I would recommend it, or getting even close to it or touching it with a 10′ pole … but from today on Micro$oft’s gonna roll out their latest Win OS, the #10. Dunno what happend to #9 which seems to have kinda disappeared along the way. But here you are, if you’re so inclined and still a friend of proprietary software and being caged in a walled garden …

Bildschirmfoto-Windows 10: The Next Chapter - Mozilla Firefox

I dunno how often I must pray the gospel of GNU/Linux and tell you not to fall for Microsoft’s cheap propaganda, but don’t fear as I will go on. Right now, in this very moment, busy installing Mageia Linux on my test netbook and will report about it and let you know how good that distro is in my amateurish eyes. In the meantime do what you guess you have to do and download/upgrade/install/pollute your computer with the brandfukn new Win10 and live happily ever after … or not. I honestly don’t care anymore.

Why? Because the Win devs are speaking for themselves:

personalclippyHuh? Excuse me but that’s hogwash … and you know it, Terry Spindoctorson. Isn’t your employer the quasi inventor of the PC, the Personal Computer? And known for producing the #1 OS for exactly that, Personal Computing, since the 80s? And now you wanna step into more personal computing? What the fuck did you do since the early DOS days? Twiddling your thumbs? Counting your money? No, I know what you did, everybody knows what you did. Coming up with harebrained assistents like Clippy the Word confuser. Strangling your users, forcing them to accept needless and often downright dangerous and harmful upgrades, protecting your business model, protecting your precious licenses, protecting your market share! Protecting your position as #1 against … ya, against what? Against a fringe system like MacOS, despite Apple are making their money with other and much more elaborated models of marketing bullshit than even you could think of? No, eh. So you’re trying to protect yourself against the Linux threat? Excuse me a second … /me breaks down rolling on the floor … recently compared installation figures? Have you? Ya, I know quite well that Linux rules the internet/server and embedded market but that’s your own fault, M$. There’s money to be made, quite a lot of money. Imagine all the mobile phones, all the cars, all the vacuums and all the fridges that need a nifty OS in the future. And you missed your call. Too bad. Fight it! Try! But please leave the 0.000001% of desktop Linux users alone.

updateWell, I don’t know about you but I did this very unclever thing:

Despite having the right to upgrade to Win10 for free (we like free, don’t we?) since I’m in the rightful possession of an original Win7 system builder DVD, I said »no thanks« and let this wonderful opportunity slip. You know, kids, Orcsi loves everything nice and easy and not confusing, and the M$ upgrade process is too complicated for me. And too slow. Register for the upgrade, wait several weeks and try several beta versions until today, today you can finally go all the way and do it right. Pffff, in the meantime I downloaded and installed a handful Linux distros and tested them and deleted them again and all that without giving a single fuck about licensing and legal stuff.

I’m pretty happy with where I am and what I got. Are you happy with your system too?


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