S4L Marathon

RFL_006What an exciting day at the RfL sims. Of course I was mainly interested in the S4L Sailing Marathon but in the couple seconds I had to look around the general RfL sims I saw a great many nice and creative builds. Of course I didn’t see much since I did my annual run around the sims without stopping and looking much.
No good relay weekend without doing the landlubber stuff as well. So I remembered Orca was wearing sneakers and sent her on the path that goes through all RfL sims. She did it in a nonstop running speed and made use of her Meep Meep gesture to shriek slowpoke pedestrians out of the way.
A relatively huge crowd was gathered at the docks this year. Can it be the public interest in the Sail Marathon was bigger than last year?
Wippy and Burt looked good on the Shields.
The later it became the more party mood on the marathon dock. Everybody dancing. 😉
After Wipster and right before Orca was Cate and Grey’s turn. Of course as old avies and old people and comfy LCC cruisers they used the rather speedy M24 and nailed one new lap record after the other. 😉
Then it was Orca’s turn and that girl is so fukn lazy, she just used her Bandit 25’s autotrim function so she had enough time to use silly gestures and wave her S4L flag. Unfortunately she got word about scheduled load shedding (power outage) in her suburb, happening at 18:00 local time, exactly at the end of her 8-9 A.M. SLT slot.
… so she prepared for a speedy getaway but then, just 5 minutes before the scheduled blackout, Orca crashed and was logged out of SL. 😮


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