S4L Marathon Update

Here you go to cheer on your marathonis: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL%20Reflection/50/8/24

Very (very very) early morning (locally that was) I checked into SL to check out how the R4L sail marathon was proceeding. Not too bad as I found out. I hope there will be still some people around when it’s my time to sail later today.

Here we see Chaos and Benny of team Pengzilla slowly getting ready to do their S4L Marathon laps.
Cheer cheer, w00t w00t! For Cherry Bommb and Delight.
Total recall from last weekend: w00t for team Pengzilla!
Then I checked the landlubbers on their track. Tinies and Dinos are always an awkward task for the camera to snap in one shot.
Sproing sproing sproing … This child ballerina made me ROFL as she spurted and hopped down the track.
Another proud “human”/dino couple.
More w00tsies for our bold sailors!
Chaos and Benny on the track means the fanclub is gonna climax! 😮

Then, much to my delight I was contacted by the ever delightful Delight (dian4ma Chen) with a very nice suprise: She’s gonna sponsor my laps, so pheeew, you’re all spared from having to watch Orcsi doing her laps nekkid. But I had to promise her to wear my Beer Helmet … my wot? Oh I guess Del has a bad long term memory, as it was in fact little Joro who wore the Beer Helmet at last year’s marathon. Here’s the prove:

fltr: Foneco?, Orca, Joro. http://orcasl.blogspot.com/2014/07/r4l-day-2.html

But back to the good news:

Hm, honestly I was kinda looking forward to sailing in the nude. 😉

Now I need to be off, shopping beer for Del. Woah, it’s Sunday and SAfricans are kind uptight religious fuckers when it’s about selling alcohol on Sundays or in gas stations. Impossible to purchase even beer and wine. Gotta find some illegal spaza shop in our local informal settlement now. And that township isn’t a nice place to hang out for blankies, and mostly not even for the swarties. If I’m not back in, say one hour pleez call the polisie and report me missing, presumed dead.


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