What a MuckUp

I planned to do yesterday’s Shields race, really I did. But when the time came to log in and start spamming the groups it turned out my ISP, the glorious AfriHost, had majorly fucked up their network, leaving poor little Orcsi with no interwebz connectivity. 😦

Of course you may say »Stupid woman was too lazy to log in and decided to stay half asleep meditating on the couch« but see this evidence:

The proof is in the pudding. The cake is a lie.

And see? It’s not even my fault as Afrihost admits. But that wasn’t their only füküp. Lately their network quality went down again. And they just recovered from a major mismangement flop. Obviously they suffer the same illness as Orca: A debilitating incapacity to learn from past bad experiences. I guess that happens if you strive for being the cheapest ISP in the country. Will ask hubby later if it’s okay if I’m gonna look for a better, more reliable interwebz supplier.

Another thing I noticed yesterday – much cuter than Afrihost’s muckup – was WordPress’s special design to celebrate the USA’s decision to allow same sex marriages and shit rainbows all over the place. Looksee here:

Bildschirmfoto-New Post — WordPress.com - Mozilla FirefoxWho’d ever have thought. The good oldfashioned, behind the times and ultra homophobe USA! What the fuck went wrong with the system? LOL. As you might know Orca’s typist ain’t gay – unlike her pixel doll – but she loves stuffz like that to happen and is happy for all her queer friends.

\o/ Happy Times! \o/


    • Ya, good to hear. I was already inworld this morning and saw Lu’s notices. Cool to know that TrYC still shows some signs of life when the ex-cheese falls flat on her face.


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