Il est complètement fou

yvanbourgnonThose crazy Frenchies, tssk tssk. /me shakes her head in disbelief.

Yvan Bourgnon just sailed around the world. Okay, many sailors are doing it nowadays, in times of total safety with GPS and satellites and all kinda shit. But Yvan only took a sextant and a satellite phone … and did it on a little open catamaran! No cabin, no bunk, no pantry, no nothing. And I couldn’t see a toilet anywhere on his boat neither. 😮 Yeah, he must be completely plemplem, gaga, coucou and all that funny stuff. All those Volvo race heroes should hang their heads in shame.



Yvan Bourgnon’s little voyage started in 2013 until just a couple days ago. Woah, that’s a long time alone at sea. German Yacht magazine even has a video about Yvan’s trip on their video channel:



  1. Bad News, His Brother Laurent, winner of multi Transats, missing during a subdiving Ballad in Tuamotou Islands…. after few days no luck to found him alive :- (((


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