It doesn’t happen too often these days that I log on just like that, with nothing to do, no appointments to keep, no boats or bikes to testride, no idea what to research for my bloggy, just logging on out of boredom. Of course I use the time wisely and delete all the IMs, notecards and group notices … but then?

Then I go to Triumphal sometimes, stand around there and check who might be on my radar. Today it was little Slanty, my super old friend and TrYC’s neighbor in Devilbrook sim, where she owns and operates and Deejay’s in her dance club Slanty’s Shanty. Of course first thing I did was ogling under her too large top. Well, that happens if you’re too small to fill even the smallest dress size. 😮 But from what I gathered Slanty doesn’t mind her horny friend, the always nosy Orcsi, peeking a bit. Yay, that’s how I know my Dutch-Japanese friend, the self-appointed unfriendly Slanty. 😉

slanty_001 Since we haven’t seen each other in quite a while we had some stuffz to talk about, some news to exchange and shake our old heads over some things. You know, SL girl’s gossip as usual. But then Slanty told me about a new development in her RL: Her boss convinced her to take on a new job, a 40 hours/week job, something she never liked. According to Slanty she was already grossly overpaid in her part-time job and now she earns even more. ;(

slanty_002Ya, I know what you’re thinking: It’s terrible for poor fragile Slanty. All that money, so much money … and no time to spend it. Yes, it is awful.

And don’t tell me anything about “First World Problems”. 😉


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