Nautilus Archeology

The WTWB forum’s Where the Hell is … game had me combing the ocean floor of Nautilus, particularly the history heavy area of Bingo Strait and the waters around Nautilus City/Island, in search of Tamm’s location. Which looks like this:

“under the sea near a race line this famous god has seemingly lost his head” was all Tamm gave us as a clue.

That was the only clue Tamm gave us, but it was enough for me … so I thought. That raceline must be Farrragut in Bingo Strait and the statue must be in the ocean somewhere to the east of it, probably close to Nautilus Island’s ancient harbor around the Yamm sim. So in order to make life easier for me I derenderd the water and could look up all the old crap sculptures lying around there in abundance. Really, if you’re somehow into scuba diving (and honestly, who isn’t?) that area is well worth a visit.

So here are some of the photos I took during my search:

A big fish or fish-ish apparition. Huh? Moment please. Since when do fishies have rib cages? Is this maybe a smaller brother/sister of the leviathan in Ahab’s Haunt? Creepy creepy. 😮
Couple thousand years ago this was probably a proud ship. Until someone or something made salami of it.
That bish still has her head, hmmm …
I wonder what kind of perished culture this was. Their ruins are impressive.
Remarkably intact walls after such a long time.
The Nimitz isles and lights, as seen without water rendered.
Jeebus Crikes, they were obviously pretty bellicose people, these. I doubt all those ships were lost in stormy weather but most probably in naval battles.
We’ll never know what kinda civilisation lived here before the SL toons arrived on the scene.
The amount of ancient rocks (some date as far back as 2009) is overwhelming in this rather young part of the grid.
Yamm  harbor entrance without water. Hard to imagine that a technologically advanced civilisation used to blossom in these parts before the barbaric SL hordes appeared on the scene.
Pretty much whole totally intact temples and housing estates are burried here under the muddy seabed.
Hey Tamm, I found a head … but the matching body is nowhere to be seen around the area. 😦 And I was so sure my assumptions were correct. :/

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