Poor Hanne ;)

We all know Hanne is crying and begging for one of our SL yacht builders to build the Beneteau Figaro II in SL. Yeah, I too wonder why no builder ever took care about that boat, which is a favourite racer in RL, in the very popular class of cruiser/racers and fits perfectly in the gap between high strung professionals and amateurs. She’s not irresponsibly expensive and can be maintained with an amateur budget but still she’s fast and exciting enough to be sailed in some very high class international races.
One hot racer: Figaro Beneteau II. She’s unfortunately not the topic of this post. ;/

So when I heard Rene Underby of Rene Marine is building a Beneteau 30 footer I was rather curious if she maybe/hopefully built the legendary Figaro … but no. :/ In fact Rene couldn’t care less about racing boats and remodelled the Beneteau First 30 instead. No problem,ย  the First is a rather quick cruiser which shouldn’t fare too badly in the occasional race neither. Well, I haven’t sailed her yet but the hull makes a good impression as it’s rather svelte, has it’s widest part in the back, sports a double rudder and is steered with a tiller not with a wheel. That’s kinda sportive and light, at least

it looks elegant and fast.

So maybe Hanne can live with the First as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not a bad boat, not bad at all: Beneteau First 30′ Carbon edition.

Anyhoo, when Anu told me about the new Rene boat I TPd to the RM store right away for a looksee and a test sail, and found Rene there, finetuning and testing the Beneteau Firstย  RM 30 …

benetau first_004
Sunbathing on the foredeck ain’t a problem.

She showed me all the crew sits and niceties of her RM30 … and I was sold immediately and ordered 2 boats on the spot. One for Anu, one for me. Ya, Anu already said she wanted one, and since I had the opportunity to snatch some boats up before the official launch date I just had to. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I guess this is finally a very capable boat for both of my favourite sailing activities: Cruising in style and racing for the win. ๐Ÿ˜‰

benetau first_005
Lovely navi compartment in true 21st century style. Nobody can be bothered with hardcopy charts, compass and straight-edge navigation anymore these days, when we have everything we need in our laptops and on plotters.

Then we went out for a little testsail and I was in love at once. I promise I will even try to get used to RM’s special way of steering and maneuvering the boats. And indeed, after just a few minutes it didn’t look as if I’m trying to write my name in the water anymore and I managed to sail in straight lines … mostly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

benetau first_007Well, what we see here in the pics is Rene’s personal design, so you can’t have this particular looking boat. By the way, the design was made by Laured (which is back in SL … again), so she has the templates and is ready to accept your custom orders anytime. ๐Ÿ™‚

benetau first_018
The RM30 in standard design doesn’t look too shabby neither. This is actually one of the nicest outta the box designs ever!

benetau first_008 benetau first_009 benetau first_011 benetau first_017benetau first_015ย  Woah, that reminds me I must find Laured and order another Linux styled boat. But nothing green this time …

Rene is going on a short vacation in RL now. Sailing of course. But she will launch the boat officially next Sunday, 07.06.15, at Hake Sports Club. Hope to cya all there.


  1. Thanks for the compliments for design about RM30 and yes Orca, have the templates, working with Rene since some weeks and orders will be taking after launching. There’s some work to do on some details…

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  2. […] Rene Underby’s RM30 is on a whole different level. As I wrote already, I love that boat in RL and was really impressed with what Rene had done in SL. And nobody cana ccuse her of stealing other’s work and claim it it be her own, the RM sailing engine is too excentric for that and doesn’t resemble and other sailing script available in SL. […]


  3. […] First item of the agenda: Launch of Rene Marine’s RM30 at Hake. Obviously due to relentless spamming by Tamm there was quite a crowd there in attendence. Unfortunately neither Rene nor Jethro held any speeches but, honestly, what’s there to say about the boat anyway, other than superlatives. It’s meticulously built, as usual, and features the same RM sailing engine loved by so many SL sailors. My own excitement and love for the RM30 I already expressed in an earlier post. […]


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