LCC Sunday Cruise 24.05.15

Dogoog_to_Nuggy_routeOh what did I look forward to this cruise with my tiny Kitten und the rest of the LCC gang. Why didn’t I take into account my own stupidity and the fact that I woke up already at 5 o’clock that morning and didn’t have my nap during the day?
The only not boring pic: I’m sailing faster than that heli flies. For realz, no shit! 🙂

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_011Snapshot_008 However once I arrived at the “starty point”, the nice unobtrusive North Channel Marina, I thought I was a minute late and  the whole fleet had already sailed out. Then I noticed my fave blog stalker Foneco ZZ Bottom was standing at the docks all alone and asked her what she was doing there so late. She then tuned me in that it was only 12:01 so I was not late at all but like 1 hour early. :/ /me groans.


Anyway, one by one, or in pairs and in whole gangs our sailing party commando plunged from the second skies and rezzed their boats. That Kitten used the oldest prank ever, and didn’t tell the group to arrive flying, didn’t take away from the festive spirit. The course Kitten made, was a rather long one, the kind I usually love. Because, as I told you already once or twice: I’m in LCC for sailing and exploring, not for party.

Snapshot_007Too bad tho that I was sooooooo fukn overtired (the hour long wait before start didn’t help keeping me alert) I fell asleep at the tiller after circa half of the course. But then my fighting spirit set in and I swore to myself to sail this to the end! In order to keep me awake I shot some photos along the way. Dunno why, as they won’t show you anything of particular interest.

Snapshot_002But as soon as I arrived at the party place at the lovely Pinkest Petal marina, I wished a good night all around and took my leave.

Snapshot_006The End.


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