Qlar Fell

Y’all remember Qlar Fell, Trap’s private sim before she had to get rid of it in order to save Triumphal and its sexy girlpowered yacht club. Of course the next owner of Qlar Fell was some idiot who built his Blake Sea Airport there. Woah, I never knew that Blake Sea was such a desirable neighbourhood that people are doing everything to be associated with that pond. I’ve seen parcels called Blake Sea this and Blake Sea that as far away as Corsica. But, yes, calling an airport next sim of Triumphal anything with Blake is a sacrilege, as Triumphal and TrYC have always been indifferent in relation to the Blake. We always were proudly independent, proudly westcoast. 😉

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Qlar Fell. The silly airport is gone and there is already a new owner of that sim.

Just 10 minutes ago: after all the broohaha it went quiet again in Qlar Fell.

And that new owner is nobody else than Anu Daviau of BerdavMarine, my favourite powerboat builder and and all around sexy bishie. 🙂 Whoohoo! Great news, for Anu and for us Triumphal/Devilbrook dwellers. For Anu since she bought into the nicest imaginable neighbourhood and for us residents because the fugly airport is gone. Let’s hope Anu isn’t planning to do anything of that sort. But I guess not. Her wharf/shop builds were always very tastefully done in maritime style.

Imagine the possibilities: Anu can terraform more land or make more water for docks and marina. Nice dock area on the west/water side, shop on the flank of the hill, some tasteful terraforming, landscaping and architecture will make Qlar Fell wonderpretty.

As you can see from the pictures, the sim is still almost totally empty, the change of ownership must just have happened yesterday or today. But let’s look forward to a quirky and creative new Berdav shop. Aaaand let’s hope that a bit of Anu’s style will even influence our little neighbour Slanty. She can take her buttfugly Shanty club down to water level again now and will hopefully build something nicer. 😉

Anyhoo, huge congratz Anu for your fine purchase and welcome in SL’s sailing girls powerhouse!!!


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