Shields Racing League

shields_004Shields Class racing logoThere’s plenty talk about Burt’s new sexy little Boat, the Shields, in the SL Sailing forum. Particularly Ginger Henderson is very busy establishing this brandnew freebie boat as a racing class. So her forum posts are very motivating and it’s hard to resist grabbing a Shields and go racing it right away … and it’s no problem neither: the Shields is a freebie and available at many yacht clubs (for example @ TrYC). So just go there, grab yourself a boat and get familiarized with it. In that part Ginger is an irreplaceable beacon of guidance light as well, as you can see from her forum posts and even video.

I showed you the Shields a while ago in a unscripted early alpha version but now I got myself the real one. For my taste she sails rather unspectacular but then it’s a remodel of a very old IOD-style boat so she sails obviously pretty realistically. Well, the 10 minutes I sailed her I spend mostly trying to get some good snapshots and didn’t concentrate on her sailing abilities too much.


Anyway, Tamm has just started a Shields class association and Ginger is hosting the inaugural race event for the Shields class on Friday, 22 May at 2 p.m. SLT.

SOF AD-C1 SOF AD-C2TrYC’s Orca will follow suit with their first Shields race at a more EU-friendly slot on Saturday, 23 May at 12 p.m. SLT. I’ll prolly use this nice up n down course. Nevermind the Quest Cup name, it’s the official Shields course for Saturday. 😉

Quest_CupAs you can see the Shields is also perfect in dramatic, unfriendly weather situations as they are so typical in Second Life. 😉

shields_002shields_007 shields_008


  1. Lovely pics and i do hope you have already the 1.1, is even better detailed then the previous version, keeping the same behavior.
    But as i don’t race, what i love about the shields is how it handles multiple cross regions on the cruises.
    Im hoping the new group will also start to organize shields only cruises as the reg cruises have a average speed that can not be reached, ever, unless you play with the custom options on set wind and now i can understand how the patchogue 2 sailors much feel when doing them, ending always half hour after all.


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