Awesome CPU Cooler

One of the things on my to-buy list for Germany was a new CPU cooler. Due to the very little space in my M-ITX case I couldn’t put in any of the huge cooling towers so I needed something not much bigger than Intel’s famously bad stock cooler … and also not much more expensive but still able to cool that chip down even in hot SL sessions.
Fancy white fan blades, whoaaa ;o

So when I went to the electronics shop near by our hotel the salesguy showed me the Arctic Alpine 11 GT Rev.2. Hmm, I thought, that thing doesn’t look very impressive in its pretty plain box. Nowhwere it says something about amazing For Gamers or some of the usual bullshit but it indeed looked like a somber technical spare part, as if I was purchasing some valve for plumbing or sumsuch.

Arctic MX-4, the geek’s choice

But the name Arctic rang a bell in my forgetful brainthingy. In fact are Arctic the manufacturers of the geeks’ most beloved thermal compound so I thought Hey, they obviously know a thing or two about keeping your compi nice and cool. Seeing the cooling paste was already pre-applied to the contact plate made me rejoice and break out in a little squeal of glee. Such a convenience you won’t find every day in computer products of much higher price. Then I noticed Arctic are a Swiss company and I was completely sold. 5€ and that amazing little thing was mine. 🙂 I was calculating I needed to pay four times as much (for fans with awesome sounding names that come in stylish gaming boxes). That and the fact that it sells in The States for twice the price as in Europe [insert a “hehe” here] was only a bonus gift for witchy bitchy little me. 😉 So, if you really must know, here’s how I did:

Take out Intel crappola, make photo side by side with fancy new cooler. Ok, before that I had to remove the power supply but that’s just 4 screws … and 3 cable plugs if you’re clever like me and buy only modular PSUs to avoid the clutter. Oh, and scrap that part with the photo; it’s not a technical necessity to photo-document every little DIY project if you’re not a blogger or on a mission or both. 😉
Click, clack, new cooler is ready. If you don’t dare doing stuff like that … pfff, you suck. Never played with LEGO as a kid? This is basically the same shit. And lots of people earn lots of money from idiots like you for pretending they are masters of ultra complex technologies. And lots of clever zit-faced 12 y/o boys can do it as well, so what does this tell us? Exactly: Instead of asking those smartypants for help and raising their allowance we just do it ourself. 🙂
This is how the new fan looks inside the case. Hm, not very impressive, eh? See how little headroom there is left above the cooler and the PSU above it? Yeah, that’s the little finicky things when building powerful systems in itsy bitsy small boxes.

I honestly can’t say if this new cooler is really much cooler than the supplied Intel stock one; only time will tell. But what I already found out is how amazingly whisper quiet the Arctic Alpine is. But ok, that wasn’t my first priority, still a nice feature to boost. If indeed I’ll run into thermal problems when sailing races during African summer I’ll need to upgrade heavily. Either another small but more expensive air-cooler or I must swap to a watercooled system. OY VEY! 😮 Me no likey watercooling, particularly not in electrical/electronic systems. Everybody knows that water and electricity don’t play nice together, don’t they?

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