What’s In Orca’s Bag?

Tomorrow we’ll leave for 2 weeks “vacation” in Germany. Since we do these annnual pleasure/duty trips since like 12 years or longer by now we’re fairly cool with packing only the bare necessities and not schlepping too much shit around that we won’t need. In order to get to a very small and lightweight baggage we’re using a very old globetrotter trick:

# During the last couple days we threw everything we needed on a big heap.

# Today we took about 50% of the stuff away.

# Later tonight we’re gonna reduce the pack for another 50%.

Why? Because experience tell us that everything we pack because we “might need” it we really don’t need. Not at all. I rather decide on a simple colour scheme (black) and keep to that theme. Also I pack only clothes that are versatile and match as many occasions as possible. And we both keep to the old onion trick, so instead of packing a huge big fat coat we both wear various thinner and lighter garments on top of each other. We won’t need waterproof stuff since we’re mostly getting around by subway trains and buses, and there is no rain inside, right? Voila, ready for all kinds of weather 😉

This year I even reduced my footwear to one pair of versatile shoes, kinda sandals/slippers/survival shoes. No need for socks. But look for yourself:

Stuffz for 2 people for 2 weeks. We’ll reduce further. See my fancy new sandals on the right side? These are the only shoes I’m taking with me. And, yes, I know they are male models but as a woman with shoe size 43 EU, 9 UK I mostly need to take the boys’s stuff. More imporant is the colourful scarf, a must have for every traveller as it’s the most versatile piece of clothing imaginable. From neck/headwrap to sarong it does everything. 2 long pants, 1 shorts, 1 ultra light skirt, couple tees, 1 thin fleece jacket, one hoodie, that’s it. The less clothes we’re packing the more space we have to buy new shit in Germany … oh, and more space for toiletries we have as well. 😉

Not in the picture, since not packed yet, are the toiletries bag and hubby’s shoes (he also only brings 1 pair) and some of his clothes. But it’s not much.

Our carry-on stays pretty empty this year. At least on the trip to Germany. On the way back we’ll have 1 or 2 more laptops to stuff in.

Since hubby ordered 2 new laptops for us, on which he plans to keep one we’ll need the tech bag on the way back to South Africa. But on the away trip we only put a few small things in it.

Thick socks for the plane, cheapo digital camera, my little black book, a documents folder with all our important documents, e-reader, smartphone, mouse, charger, a pen, and some bootable USB sticks with various Linux distros on them. That’s more or less all we need. Will be more on the way back home. Not in the picture is an additional 500GB external HD, which contains both our personal data and our whole digital lifes. It’s small, rugged, powers from USB, is perfect and goes with us everywhere and always.

So, yes, we only need 1 medium sized duffel bag and 1 carry-on for 2 grown up persons. Okay, plus 1 wheelchair and a little hip bag for tickets, pocket money, passports and house and car keys … and of course chewing gums for pressure equalisation when the plane is landing. That’s it, we’re settled and equipped for 2 weeks abroad.

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