Who’d Ever Thought That …

doormat… straightforward, loudmouth, opinionated, never shying away from a fight and public discussion Orca Flotta is an … a … whoah, I hardly dare saying it, a fukn INTROVERT? Well, thx to Strawberry Singh (who’s last Monday meme I didn’t participate in) who made me curious and made me participate in one of Buzzfeeds notoriously badly thought out, unscientific, biasing and super cheesy character tests. This week was particularly obvious and super easy to cheat. Well, of course I didn’t cheat but answered all the questions to the best of my self-knowledge.

And this is, according to those bloody immature amateurs at Buzzfeed, the result:

introtestWOAH! :oThat’s more than a spritz but quite a generous portion of introvertism here. You think it doesn’t suit little me? I am a proud and open introvert, I was born that way, and I’m asking those Buzzfeed aholes why they think I would be a secret introvert. Those stupid bishies have no idea what they are talking ’bout. Can’t they imagine that some of us prefer to be left alone every now and then? Do they find it a bad thing that not all of us are WootWoot party people …dj … but love to hang out alone on the sofa sometimes …gamergirl … and sail a race in SL or sumfink like dat? Like reading a book, watching anime or GoT or the Walking Dead or dabble with Linux distros or sometimes even scribble in my weblog. 😉

But enuff of that now; today is Sunday which means wash day in our house. Hubby already said he’ll force me to be an eager washwaifu today and clean all our clothes that we take on our little trip to Deutschland. Oh boah, that means like 5 minutes labour for me … grabbing the handful t-shirts and pants, stuffing them into the wishywashy machine, adding a small handful bubbly powder and press the GoGo button. Why does he have to be such a fukn meanie to me?

But more about our overseas trip to Germany in the next days. Who knows, Orca might have the one or other golden protip for all of you planning to travel. Make your life easier n stuffz.

the destination of our dreams: sunny, tropical, exotic Jerkmoney Germany

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