The G4 Wipeout

What did I say, huh? Didn’t I say it doesn’t behoof a luxury builder such a Gunboat to dabble in highly experimental space age sailing technologies? Yes, I guess I did. And, as usual I was right. 🙂

Watch this Gunboat G4 failing gloriously during the St. Barths Racing Week. 😮

wipeoutNow one could say it was the main trimmer’s mistake, not losening the main sheet, yeah but I guess that’d be too easy. Those Gunboat catamarans are usually kinda very stable and are almost impossible to tip over. That’s imminent in mutihull design. So all cat sailors are kept in the wrong believe they can abuse their boats in the most freakish ways and behave like total asswipes. Just sit your ass down and enjoy the speed as it goes down well with your champagne … until you inevitably overdo it one fine day . 😦

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