This Is Not The Android I’m Looking For

androidpeeHey Kidz, you know I’m not the biggest fan of Apple Inc. and in so far should be a huge fan of Android. Logical, right?

androidSo, when I was finally, after years of struggle and resistance, convinced that I must have a smart phone too, like all the other wannabe cool kidz, I went to the stores and got myself such a thing. Mistake #1 😦 Oh my.

And instead of just keeping my old but still functional simple cell phone – you know, the kind to just make phone calls with – I went for a real Android powered “smart” phone. You know, Free and Open Source and politically correct n shit and not Apple and all that. Mistake #2 😦

Vodafone Smart Kicka. This thing is too smart for its own good. It kicks my ass every day so it must be careful not to get kicked itself … into the bin by an angry Orca. Grrr :/

Ya, shit. Here you see my brandnew Android powered smarty pants phone thingy. And do I have any idea what all those icons are supposed to do? Am I even capable of turning any of these apps on? If hubby wouldn’t remind me all the time to slightly and softly just brush over the screen instead of hammering at it, I guess that poor phone would be shattered already. And I thought it’d be sooo fukn easy, I thought hey, I’m a kinda Linux expert, and Android is the same shit so no probs … and boy was I wrong. 😦

And now I have a real problem. You remember when I took Turdy to the film shooting and forgot my camera? Ya, I had this Android thingie with me. Was my first day with it and I had even less clue about how to work it than I do now. But at least I managed to snap some photos (yay!) that I found yessterday somewhere on my phone by incident. But now I can’t find them again and even if I found them I wouldn’t know how to get them off the phone and into my computer. Any of you have any idea? Help this old woman out pleeez. 😉


  1. Me always e-mail the photo’s to my g-mail from me Android phone and put it on computer. Works fine for me as i just make a rare picture sometimes.


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