Adventures …

… no, not in SL. But in – you guessed it – Linux land! šŸ˜‰

As we’re leaving for our annual trip to Germany in a couple days (the famously exotic and beautiful holiday spot where everybody is relaxed and nice and blahblah) we have ordered a couple new laptops to share between hubby and me. They’ll be waiting for us once we get there. Of course we ordered some without preinstalled operating system on them, so we can be sure there are no “security” traps involved but we can install Linux right away without any probs … hopefully.

So last night I tested some new-ish Linux distros on this rig right here, my production machine. Ya, I know, stupid n stuff and I see you shaking your heads and giving me the look of reproach but please keep in mind that right now I don’t have any lappy for testing purposes. And I made sure I had all my precious data backupped (or upbacked?) before installing the new stuff. Guess that’s kinda mucho importante, cabrones. And hubby won’t let me (ab)use his stupid lappy. Dunno why. Weren’t I always a clever and loving waifu for him? I bet once we’re sitting in our hotel in Hamburg, unpacking the new machinery, he will be sooo happy to see I packed the correct ISOs on our USB sticks.

exton-se-logoAnyhoo, spent the better part of last night installing LXFce, Bodhi, and ExTix Linux on this computer. Well, actually I spent most of the time napping on the sofa but when I was awake I was dabbling with them Linuxes. šŸ˜‰ As it turned out I kinda liked ExTix the best for the new 11.6″ netbook I’m getting, but not ruling out the other distros yet. We’ll take ’em all with us and see what we see. However, ExTix seems to be kinda very cool, is made in Sweden (so bound to be super reliable) and available in KDE and LXQt flavours. Particularly the LXQt desktop is promising for use on the slightly underpowered netbook, as it’s blazingly fast. And, as usual for LXQt desktops, it’s super simple and lightweight, so just the right stuff for the very limited task I have in mind for that machine. A fukn mobile typewriter and surf/blogging station. Purrfect! =^.^=


Stupidly in my nearly comatose condition I totally forgot to make any screenshots of those brandspanking new systems andĀ  desktops so I have nothing to show you. :/ The screenshot above is off the ExTix website, I’d never use such a fugly wallpaper to fuk up the super clean desktop.

But now I’m back on my good old, trusty, comfy, reliably boring Mint 17.1 Mate. Boy, feels good to tread on familiar ground again.

Eeeeeeeks! Slithery slimey sneaky snaky Linux Mint. Shriek!


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