Disappointing Wednesday Finds

Yes, today’s interwebz finds can all be categorized under the theme Disappointment or Failed Expectations. Boys are often enough a reason to be disappointed as it is. So today let’s fuck with them and their so-called feelings, ok? Can you dig it, guys? Come on now, it’s time to grow a pair and face the harsh realities. Ready?

Didn’t I say “harsh reality”?
No drink in the house? Fuuuuck 😦
fortune cookie
Yes, she could … and hopefully will πŸ˜‰
Fuck the WIFI …
Machismo = stupidity, cool = uncool, boy = castrate …
I’m only asking who’s more disappointed now
She could and actually DID so much better πŸ˜‰
Only one word: THUD!

Okay, just to show that life isn’t always like totally fair here are some about the girls …

I’m actually very pretty and married but hey, not every girl can be as lucky as me. Or can they?
… and this is how we shatter your delusions of having a pretty smile EVER 😦

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