LCC Sunday Cruise, 29.03.2015

The course brought us from Grelod – where we terminated last week’s cruise – to Nber’s Union Passsage sim where we had a underwater party.
Charlz’s Super Leggo in Orca Special outfit with foil sails and my fave ID# 69 😉

Pheeeew, the summertime/wintertime krazyness and konfuzzlement is over. Done with for … half a year :/ Then we’ll start again noticing the basic incompability of most members of the human race to grasp simple principles and protocols. Anyway, this ain’t the topic of this post, just the hook to get you into it.

So, on Sunday Kitten assembled her Sunday cruisers at the usual starty time 1 P.M., to the great joy of all the European fleet. Starting an hour earlier makes a great difference, at least for me it does. Anyhoo, on with the cruise:

This confused Ent was driving a powerboat, totally not realising how many fellow trees and forests he indirectly killed with the CO² pollution of his stinker. :/ But the avie is indeed kinda funny, no.
This skipper was so much in a hurry, he probably didn’t realize that he was dangerously overpowered and how expensive such a lovely restored wooden yacht is … particularly when destroyed during a stupid stunt like this. :/ No shit, in RL he’d had destroyed his lovely 12m on the spot. 😮
This skipper had obviously forgotten to pay the gravity bill 😮
Snapshot_011 The hurried skipper kinda looks the part, no?
This Bandit 25 was by my side during most of the cruise. Sometimes a bit in front of me, sometimes a bit behind, it really doesn’t matter. This is how cruising is supposed to be!
One of these days I shall finally try to texture the genny. It’s so so soooo fugly as it is. 😦
Dangerous skipper finally managed to pass me, congratz on your great achievement.

Snapshot_007  Snapshot_005

I snapped this photo whe the party was just about to start and most cruisers were still busy rezzing and getting themself sorted out.
Orca was wearing a charming underwater party outfit with yummy snacks circling her head as the latest accessoires 🙂


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