fishfriends_010Heyyy, in order to celebrate my new found freedom retirement from SL Sailing I did something I haven’t done in a long long time: I explored and visited a nice sim. The sim in question is The Trace and whoa, it’s pretty nice. It’s mostly a sandy beachy settting with some rocks and a sprawl of beach houses. Altogether a very pretty and relaxed setup, as I guess you sailors might enjoy. Anyway, I loved it at The Trace.

fishfriends_001Yeah, right. As Orca it’s in my very nature to be good friends with the fishies. My fave friends are matjes, salmon, eel, hake fillet and every fish that can be used in sushi.

The Trace belongs to Kylie Jaxxon, who is in turn kinda famous for being a co-owner of Frisland, another highlight in many explorer’s blogs. That’s a reason why I wasn’t there yet. Compared to the more professional travel bloggers my photos and writeup won’t do it justice and would just look poor in comparison.

Nobody’s swimming today so cutie on duty just relaxes

The eager explorer will find some cute photo props all throughout the sim, for example a bath tub or a bed/lounger.

fishfriends_002 fishfriends_003

fishfriends_012No clue where one is supposed to ride from here on a scooter but that rang-a-deng makes a fantastic photo prop 😉

fishfriends_015In one corner we get almost a Triumphalistic camp ground atmo. Nice, very nice.


Many nice little gimmicks and builds can be found all over the beach.

Too bad this photogenic lighthouse thing is an off sim build we can’t get into :/

fishfriends_009fishfriends_019Perfect for photographers: this fukn sky-rat is frozen in time and glued into the sky. Cool. 🙂

fishfriends_007And again my favourite view of The Trace. If you got half an hour to kill, it’s highly recommended to do it here. 😉



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