Sitting on the Dock of Triumphal Bay

… reflecting on (second) life and myself. I hear that’s a typical German trait, all the selfreflectiveness. Woah, I can tell you that Orca girl is a fukn loser, a flake, unreliable, too old, too stupid and all sorts of unpleasant. Missus grumpy bish missed her own QUEST CIRCUS races … again! 😮

In lieu of the most recent muckup I thought I’m gonna be at least consequent and sent out my letter of resignment to TrYC and SLSC:

Quest Circus CANCELED!dock_001

… and it’s not even your fault. Fukn stupid Orca has missed her own races (again) so I guess I’ve run my course as TrYC RD and should move into a retirement home. 

To make it short: I resign from my job as TrYC officer and RD.

Was mostly a fun time but somehow my priorities have changed. So what about you young peeps? Don’t you think it’s time to step up and take over from the old and tired granny? Bring some fresh ideas to the table … and on the water and make TrYC GREAT again!

’nuff sed. I guess everybody who knows me could see this coming since quite a long time. For me it’s time to relax and enjoy SL like a normal sailor: attend some races and some cruises and parties. \o/ YAY! \o/ Totally carefree and selfish will I spend my old days shopping and dancing. And blogging of course! Wooohooo!

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